4 Unique Features of an Armored SUV Buyers Love the Most


Every buyer feels proud of his car purchase. However, there are vehicles that make their buyers go gaga over certain features and armored SUVs from companies such as Troy Armoring are prime examples.

Let’s quickly browse through certain attractions in an armored SUV:

  1. Inconspicuous Exterior

Armored vehicles are very unnoticeable. People may not even notice through the car’s exterior that it is armored unless you tell them. These vehicles appear very ordinary to others and they may not even realize any difference between an armored and a regular vehicle. They do not bear any special mark to be identified as an armored vehicle. It looks plain and understated.

You may not notice any difference even from the inside. The main reason for its discreetness is to maintain privacy and security of the valuable things and people getting transported without anybody’s attention. 

  • Electrified Door Handles

There are places where carjacking is at a higher rate. The door handles of an armored vehicle is electrified keeping in mind such a crime. These door handles prevent kidnappings and attacks. Not many are aware of this special feature. There is a button you need to press inside the car to allow the electricity to pass through the door handles. Once you have pressed this button, you can partially incapacitate the attacker and buy some time out to escape from such situation.

You can safely use this feature in case you have stopped your car in a remote area or your profile calls for a high-security car.

  • Sealed Fuel Tank

Fuel tank is one critical segment of any vehicle. Your car blasts once you get hit there. This area is the most chosen target by any attacker. Armored vehicles have sealed fuel tanks promising fireproof and bulletproof feature. This ensures a total protection to the fuel tank and makes you feel driving a 007 vehicle. This bladder technology prevents your fuel tank from any leakage.

Most of the buyers look for this feature before they buy an armored vehicle.

  • Shock-Absorbing Bumper

The most common feature of any armored car bought from companies such as Troy Armoring is its shock proof bumper. No matter how hard the hit is, your armored car has the capacity to absorb it and keep you safe and protected. You can safely transport any delicate valuable item from one place to another because of this feature.