5 Exciting Futuristic Technology Prototypes About To Become Available



The past decades have been an amazing period of history for the advancement of technology, though hold onto your hat, because things are about to get even more incredible. Soon, a whole host of useful and potentially ground-breaking new technologies will be entering the consumer market, bringing the world ever closer to a future right out of science fiction.

  1. Flying Cars

Flying cars have certainly taken their time to get here, but at long last, the great sci-fi dream has finally become a reality. With multiple tech companies showing huge promise with their prototypes, some of the first functional flying cars are now becoming available to the public. 

The electric-powered four-passenger Aska A5 for example, made by Next Future Mobility, has foldable wings, easy vertical as well as horizontal take-off capability, and a flight-range of 250 miles. Though it will still need a pilot’s license and special permissions to operate, pre-orders are nevertheless available and being snapped up. 

  1. Electric Boats

Cars are not the only vehicles undergoing a huge change. Soon, high-tech electrically powered boats, such as the C-7 and C-8 Hydrofoil prototypes created by Swedish tech company Candela, will be making their public debut across the waves.

  1. Friendly Customisable AI-powered Smart Cars

New innovative ideas for smart cars, such the i Vision Dee by BMW, aim to create vehicles that are more of a companion than a mere machine. Using advanced AI and programmable E Ink panels, the i Vision Dee can literally change its exterior to any colour and pattern that the owner chooses. Its sophisticated AI is also designed to make operating the vehicle a far more friendly, safe, and comfortable experience than ever before. 

  1. AR Glasses

While virtual reality (VR) has certainly showed immense potential over the years, it’s sister technology, augmented reality (AR), isn’t far behind. Incredible multi-functional AR glasses, such as TCL’s RayNeo X2, are now becoming available for purchase. 

Able to project digital information and objects holographically over the real world, AR smart glasses such as the RayNeo X2 can also do things like scan and translate text in real-time and do holographic video calls. Other uses include providing visual holographic directions, as well as virtual devices and games, and much more. The potential for AR’s use in practically every area of industry, work, communication, and entertainment, is truly huge.

  1. Modifiable Smart Device Displays

New smart devices such as Samsung’s Flex S Hybrid tablet will soon feature highly versatile, adjustable screens that can fold and extend to provide a far larger screen-space than ever before. It also gives them much greater storage capability, as well as functionality as a regular smart phone. Plus, you’ll have more screen space for gaming at Lucky Creek casino, streaming media and so much more. 

Just The Beginning

These are just a few examples of what to look out for in coming years. Other amazing new tech advancements include an increasing number of new AI-driven smart devices, household and exercise equipment, gaming devices, better drones, robots, and a whole lot more. Like technology, the list is rapidly growing.