Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting a Child in the State of Washington


Adopting a child is a life-altering decision that impacts everyone involved in numerous ways. Those considering adoption in the state of Washington must have a solid understanding of the laws governing adoption in this region.

Do I Meet Adoption Requirements in Washington?

To become an adoptive parent in Washington, you must meet specific criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old or have acquired legal capacity.
  • Undergo a legal home study evaluation. Learn more about the home study process click here.

What Is a “Home Study” in Adoption?

Prospective adoptive parents go through a “home study” as part of the adoption process. The home study is an opportunity for potential adoptive parents to demonstrate their readiness to handle the unique challenges and common concerns associated with adopting a child.

Are Adoptive Parents Responsible for a Child’s Delivery Costs?

In the state of Washington, it is not illegal for adoptive parents to contribute to a child’s legal fees and court costs related to the adoption process. However, it is important to note that accepting money or other valuables in exchange for adoption rights is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether the state’s adoption laws specify which costs adoptive families can cover.

Who Needs to Grant Permission for the Adoption to Proceed?

Before moving forward, Washington State must receive approval from all of the following:

  • If the adoptee is over the age of 14, they themselves.
  • Those who have claimed paternity, including the biological mother.
  • The group or agency that receives a child once parental rights have been severed.
  • The grownup has full legal custody of the kid.

What Role Do Adoption Attorneys Play?

A qualified and experienced adoption attorney can manage all elements of the adoption process, including filing the adoption petition with the court and verifying that all of the relevant papers, consents, releases, decrees, and finalization documents are properly completed. Adoption attorneys can also assist with the legal paperwork required to meet with social workers and coordinate home studies.

Speak to an attorney today!

Adoption can be a profoundly rewarding experience for parents. However, it’s crucial to navigate the process with proper legal guidance. We strongly recommend consulting with an experienced adoption attorney to ensure a smooth and successful adoption journey.