GOOGL stock price today


GOOGL shares are gaining popularity, which is only growing. In order to know what is happening in the investment space, you must always be aware of all the news that is happening. What about GOOGL stock prices today? How much do they change and what does it depend on? What about GOOG after hours stock price?  Now let’s see.

Is GOOG stock price today a good investment?

Google is one of the most successful promotions of this century. In August 2004, the campaign started at a price of just over $ 50. And over time, in 2019 it reached a little more than 1125 US dollars per share of class A.

What’s the price of GOOGL stock for 2024-2028

How much will Google shares cost in 5 years? An important question that really interests everyone who has already invested, or is just beginning to plunge into the world of investment. The next five years should bring a rise in price. The price of Google will increase from 2957 dollars to 5457 dollars, which means an increase of 85%. Google will start 2024 with $ 2957, then soar to $ 2984 in the first six months of the year, and end 2024 with $ 3321.

As news noted, for the world of stocks and investments, the fall of cryptocurrency can have a positive aspect because bad news is not always really bad.

At the moment, we are really seeing a drop in shares, which is quite large, according to statistics. But after this decline in percentage terms, the cost has already begun to rise

GOOG after hours stock price

It is an essential point to always review current information and stay up to date. Because stock prices can fall and rise several times a day. Consider GOOG stock prices after hours stock:


Consolidated Last Sale $2252.4 +0.97 (+0.04%)
After-Hours Volume 26,335
After-Hours High $2271.4871 (04:20:56 PM)
After-Hours Low $2251 (04:50:14 PM)


The value of shares often falls during trading during non-business hours. The surge is caused by a lack of liquidity in non-working trades. However, often these aspects allow you to buy shares cheaper and then sell them more expensive. The world of investment is interesting and exciting, so do not miss the opportunity to earn.