How is Grass Fed Beef Different from Corn Fed Meat? 


Everyone loves a well-made beef dish. Instead of stepping out and finding a good restaurant that serves beef, you can make it at home. Put it in the grill or barbecue the meat on a Sunday afternoon. You might have seen various cooking shows – there’s so much you can do with a delectable steak. 

Please note that beef is of two kinds – grass fed and corn fed. What does this mean? Well, if you are not aware of the differences, keep reading as we have all the information. Let’s get started! 

The Difference between Corn-fed and Grass-fed Beef 

Picture a field with lots of cows. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? You imagine the cow munching on grass and wandering around. It’s simple! However, some people don’t like feeding grass to their cattle. 

Their stomachs are designed to thrive on grass. A cow may take longer to mature and grow when they are grass-fed, but it isn’t bad for them. Do you know what’s bad for cows? Corn and grains are not exactly favorable for their stomach. It can make them really sick! 

If cows get sick, people give them antibiotic treatment. Grass-fed beef does not contain any antibiotics; thus, it is a much better option. Nobody should give any food that the cows can’t suggest. 

Why is Grass-fed Beef way Better than Corn-fed Beef? 

Sick animals are not the best meat. You might get sick or the taste won’t be on-point. Grass-fed cows don’t get sick as often because they eat what they can digest. It comes naturally to them. The cows graze, move around, eat, and grow at a slow pace. That’s a natural process that is healthy. 

Many of the grain-fed beef comes from cows that are raised in small feedlots. The cows get packed in a small space and they get stuck. Moreover, they are eating food that they can’t digest. These cows are living among other cows with lots of poop around. 

Living in such conditions does not sound healthy. Much of the grain-fed beef is contaminated and comes from an unsanitary environment. 

Thus, grass-fed beef is much healthier and tastier for food enthusiasts. You must be wondering where to buy it from. We have a suggestion! You can try Papa Earth Grass fed meet. It’s healthy, tasty, and certainly of high quality.