LFT Test: Here’s How To Interpret The LFT Test Results


A blood test for liver function analyzes the enzymes and protein levels that provide insight into how effectively your liver is operating. They can determine whether or not there is damage to liver cells as well as whether or not there is a blockage close to the liver. It is essential to keep in mind that the diagnosis of liver illness is dependent on a variety of factors, including the patient’s medical history, a medical examination, lab testing, a biopsy, as well as occasionally imaging procedures such as ultrasound scans. Tests for antibodies or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are typically used in conjunction with one another to diagnose hepatitis C. It is necessary to know about the test and also the LFT test price in Delhi before you visit the lab.

A discussion about the interpretation of the LFT test

The findings of liver blood tests can indeed be difficult to interpret; the results may well be normal or near normal sometimes in advanced liver disease, and so when abnormal, the extent of abnormality may well not represent the level of disease severity. Liver blood tests can indeed be abnormal despite the absence of severe liver illness.

Whenever patients have symptoms that cannot be explained or that are not specific, doctors may employ 3 standard liver blood work panels as part of their routine diagnostic workup. Abnormal results are discovered in approximately 20% of patients when this procedure is performed. You can always enquire about the LFT test price Delhi online easily.

How high of a concentration of enzymes can be found in the liver?

  • The normal range for ALT (SGPT) values is anywhere between 7 and 56 units of measurement per liter of serum,
  • Around 5-40 units/liter of serum is considered to be a normal range for AST and SGOT values.

The extent of liver disease in a person can be determined by the levels of AST and ALT in their blood that is elevated. Because the interpretation of results showing elevated levels of AST and ALT depends on the overall clinical examination of an individual, it is recommended that this step be carried out by medical professionals who have prior expertise in assessing liver illness and muscle disease.

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test

An enzyme known as alkaline phosphatase, or ALP, can be present in your bones, as well as your bile ducts as well as your liver. A standard protocol calls for the ordering of an ALP test in conjunction with a battery of other diagnostic procedures. An ALP test is one method that can be utilized to assess the liver’s bile duct system. If you want to get your liver tested, then we suggest you know about the  LFT test price in Delhi.

Albumin test

The majority of the protein that is manufactured by your liver is called albumin. It is responsible for a wide variety of vital processes throughout the body.

Albumin, for instance, nourishes your tissues and carries hormones, vitamins, and other things across your system. Other proteins, such as fibrin, also perform these functions. An albumin test evaluates how well your liver is producing a certain protein and examines how well it is doing so.

Bilirubin test

The breakdown of red blood cells results in the production of bilirubin, which is then excreted from the body. In most cases, the liver will be the organ responsible for processing it. It is processed in the liver first, and then it is eliminated through the bowels.

A liver that is damaged will not be able to handle bilirubin correctly. Because of this, the normal state of bilirubin in the blood is elevated to an abnormally high level. Even in healthy people with normal liver function, certain hereditary illnesses can cause abnormally high amounts of bilirubin.


The analysis of abnormal liver function tests is made more difficult since liver enzymes can be produced by numerous organs at the same time, and there is a lack of specificity among liver function indicators. However, abnormal liver function tests are a prevalent concern. Because of this, it is essential to interpret liver tests only within the context of the clinical situation. So, search the web, look for the labs with affordable  LFT test prices in Delhi and get your test done today.