Properties of Tungsten Carbide and Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Powder


Tungsten carbide is known as among the most popular products in contemporary industry, as well as it is famous for its great properties such as high solidity, rust resistance, use resistance, shock resistance, as well as sturdiness.

In the production of tungsten carbide, mechanics need to add a particular quantity of cobalt powder for the clean powder of tungsten carbide, which might impact the quality of tungsten carbide. After that, they require to place the blended powder into the round mill device to mill into a specific grain size. During the milling, some liquid such as ethanol and water, so the powder requires to be spray dried. After that, they will be compressed into different shapes and dimensions. The dense tungsten carbide isn’t strong enough, for that reason, it needs to be sintered in a sintering heating system, which will provide heat, as well as high pressure. Ultimately, tungsten carbide items need to be examined.

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Generally, tungsten carbide items are tungsten carbide powder compounds, as well as cobalt powder. As per the content, tungsten carbide is mixed with cobalt powder as its binders can be divided into three kinds. They are high tungsten carbide cobalt having 20%-30% of cobalt, medium tungsten carbide cobalt with 10%-15%, as well as reduced cobalt tungsten carbide with 3%-8%. The amount of cobalt can’t be too high or as well low. With way much cobalt assorted with the tungsten, it is going to be easy to break down. While there is inadequate cobalt in the tungsten carbide, it will be hard to manufacture tungsten carbide products.

The tungsten carbide can be utilised to produce cast iron, non-metals, non-ferrous steels, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, titanium alloys, and more. The tungsten carbide can also be manufactured into various types of tungsten carbide products, such as tungsten carbide wear components, tungsten carbide nozzles, tungsten carbide switches, tungsten carbide attracting passes away, and so forth.

Powder of Tungsten Carbide Cobalt 

These powders are utilised for the deposition of wear immune coverings. Tungsten carbide finishes have exceptional resistance to sliding wear, cavitation, abrasion, as well as erosion.

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They are difficult and disclose great tiredness, as well as impact resistance, and exceptional corrosion resistance other than in high pH settings as well as in hydrofluoric acid solutions. Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Powders are gas-tight and non-permeable to gas.

The same powder brings about different layer properties when transferred utilizing various technologies. You can see these differences by taking a look at a hardness contrast graph made by VTT science facility, Finland, online.