Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Harassment


Workplace harassment refers to unsolicited sexual advances or misconduct on the job that fosters a hostile and unsafe work environment. It can be making offensive jokes and sexual innuendos or making unnecessary and vulgar comments on someone’s body.

Any sexual behavior that causes an employee discomfort can be considered sexual harassment. It should be taken seriously as it is an illegal act with significant repercussions. If you are a victim of workplace harassment, look up Employment Attorney near me and seek legal help for your case.

However, employers can follow these effective measures to minimize workplace harassments. 

  • Adopting an efficient sexual harassment policy

Your employee handbook must include the definition and acts that come under sexual harassment, the company’s intolerance towards it, repercussions of violating the guidelines like termination, etc., along with the process of lodging complaints. The company’s policy should state the complaints shall be appropriately investigated, and no retaliation against the victim will be accepted.

  • Training of employees

It is vital to conduct a yearly training session for the employees to raise awareness about sexual harassment and the rights of employees to a safe workplace without any sexually offensive conduct. During this session, the employer should review the complaint process and encourage employees to use it.

  • Training of supervisors and managers

A yearly training session is crucial for supervisors and managers as well. These sessions must be conducted separately from the employee ones. The sessions should educate the managers and supervisors regarding sexual harassment and how to deal with complaints.

  • Monitoring your workplace

In order to maintain a harassment-free environment, it is essential to monitor your workplace regularly. Make sure to meet and greet your employees periodically and ask them about the work environment and what they would like to change to make it safer and more secure. Their inputs and reports from supervisors and managers can help you be in touch with what is happening in your company. Awareness is key to recognizing and preventing mishaps. You must keep track of issues in the office and ensure that they are taken care of.

  • Practice efficient communication.

Make sure to encourage employees to communicate their issues and speak up against any unfair conduct. If any complaints arise against sexual harassment, make sure it is taken seriously. Additionally, you must initiate the investigation process for the incident promptly. If the complaint is proven to be legitimate, make sure to take immediate action against it.