Screen Shield: 4 Suggestive Signs You Need A New Screen Protector


Every phone now includes a screen protector and sometimes a camera lens protector as standard equipment. They enable you to hold your phones securely and comfortably without fear of breaking them. However, they are not immortal, and there are indications that it may be time to replace them for the benefit of your smartphones. In recent years, it has become more common for mobile phones, cases, and chargers to come with a screen protector installed. Experts recommend these for preventing scratches and cracks on your phone’s display. However, here are suggestive signs when the screen protector needs replacement.

1. Your Screen Protector Peels Off

Peeling indicates that you need to replace your phone’s screen protector with a new paperlike screen protector in Singapore. And when the corners of the screen protector begin to lift and peel away, this is called peeling. Not only does this look awful, but the issue will typically worsen if ignored. Peeling should prompt a thorough examination of both the phone case and the phone. If both are in good condition and only the screen protector is peeling, it’s likely sufficient to replace only the screen protector.

2. Visible Cracks

Cracks are the most noticeable indicator that your iPad screen protector in Singapore requires replacement. Whether the cracks come from an accident or a screen protector that does not fit properly, it needs replacement. Unfortunately, even a single crack in the screen protector can cause additional cracks to spread and the screen protector to break. General wear and tear is the most common cause of this.

3. Too Many Scratches

Screen protectors can absorb impact damage that could cause a screen to crack. It also serves as a barrier against everyday scratches.  Additionally, scratches absorb and refract light, contrary to allowing it to pass through as a smooth surface would. Scratches on a screen protector are visible from both sides of the screen, making it difficult to see the screen without first removing the protector. So invest in a paperlike screen protector in Singapore if you notice many scratches.

4. Your Screen Has Liquid Damage

Companies manufacture screen protectors to prevent scratches—but not liquid damage. You must replace your phone’s screen protector if it sustains liquid damage. A new anti blue light screen protector can protect your eyes and prevent liquid from causing damage to the phone’s display. It is especially crucial if the phone was exposed to extreme heat or was already hot. The heat can cause the liquid to evaporate, which could cause damage to the display of the phone.

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