The Difference Between NDIS Plan Management And Support Coordination


It’s a prevalent misunderstanding that NDIS plan managers and support coordinators perform the same responsibilities. Though their primary goals are similar, how plan managers and support coordinators collaborate with you to accomplish your objectives are distinct.

Moreover, NDIS plan management and support coordination are both characterised as capacity development supports, but money is distributed differently. 

Here’s a deeper look at NDIS plan management and support coordination, as well as the fundamental differences between the two programs.

NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination: What Is The Difference?

The primary distinction between an NDIS plan management and a support coordinator would be that a plan manager may assist with the financial aspects of your plan, whilst a Support coordinator can help manage the providers and supports.

Plan Management

Plan Management is the method through which you pay for NDIS services. In other words, it is how you handle financial administration and any other financial parts of your NDIS plan. Plan Management can assist you with the following:

  • Decide how you’ll pay for services.
  • Pay billings
  • Track your expenditures
  • Provide financial reports

You will be assigned a Plan Manager to assist you with your NDIS Plan Management. Your Plan Manager may submit your bills and provide you with spending statements so that you can monitor your expenditures.

Support Coordination

Support coordination assists you in implementing your plan by identifying and establishing contact with service providers who are the greatest match for your requirements.

Support coordination, unlike plan management, does not assist you in managing any financial components of your NDIS plan.

Support coordinators are in charge of:

  • assisting you in comprehending the specifics of your NDIS plan
  • locating and linking you to service providers
  • helping you monitor the progress of your strategy and prepare for your review meeting.
  • counselling and guiding you during the NDIS journey

You may include three levels of support coordination into your plan:

  1. Specialist support coordination: This is a higher degree of support coordination. It is for those whose circumstances are more complicated and who need specialised assistance. A specialised Support Coordinator can help you manage support environment difficulties and maintain consistent service delivery.
  1. Support coordination: This assistance will assist you in acquiring the abilities required to grasp and execute your approach. The goal of your support coordinator is to help you retain connections, increase your level of independence, take charge of service delivery, and become more involved in your community.
  1. Support connection: This help will enhance your ability to connect with the community, informal, and monetary resources, enabling you to optimise your approach and accomplish your goals.

You may also decide to concentrate your NDIS plan on a particular objective, such as locating adequate home and living assistance. You may use your money for support coordination to work with a support coordinator who has the requisite knowledge, experience, and abilities to meet your specific needs.

A Summary Of The Significant Differences

Everyone has access to NDIS Plan Management since it is how you pay for your NDIS services and handle your invoicing. NDIS Support Coordination, on the other hand, is usually only available if you have especially complicated requirements or if you don’t have someone else to assist you manage your support needs.

It’s crucial to note that these are independent services, and your plan manager can address any queries you may have.

Who Is Qualified To Get NDIS Plant Management And Support Coordination Services?

The NDIS may completely finance each of these programmes, but there is one key distinction between them. There are no requirements to include plan management financing in your plan. This implies that if you request it during your planning meeting, it should be included in your NDIS Provider.

In contrast, not all participants are qualified for support coordination. The choice to incorporate support coordination money in a plan is made on a case-by-case basis. If you lack an informal network of family and friends who can help you locate and connect with service providers, support coordination is often considered part of your funding.

Support coordination and plan management are paid under two distinct categories since they serve very distinct requirements. This implies that funding for both may be included in a single NDIS plan.


Everyone has access to the NDIS plan management system, which allows them to pay for their NDIS services and organise their bills in one place. On the other hand, you will often only be eligible for NDIS Support Coordination if you have exceptionally complex needs or if there is no one else who can assist you in managing your support requirements.

Furthermore, NDIS plan management and support coordination urge you to devote your attention to pursuing your own objectives while also pursuing the things that bring you joy.

It is essential to keep in mind that these are two independent services; the plan manager can address any queries you may have.

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