Vacation: Benefits That Camps Bring To Children


Socializing, overcoming challenges, and learning to love nature are among the great gains that living in camps can provide children

The July holidays are coming, and many parents still don’t know what to plan for their children during this whole month without classes. Have you thought about the option of camping? In addition to offering fun, they still bring many benefits to children. The conclusion is from a survey based on the impressions of 1,405 parents of children and young people between 4 and 18 years old who have already had this type of experience. 

The study, carried out by the University of Waterloo, which is in the province of Ontario, for example, identified at least five benefits that children can have when going through a camp. The first one is socialization. “Camps are an opportunity to interact more intensely with other children, more than what happens at school. The child will certainly create interesting bonds of friendship, but at the same time that he will have to tolerate for a long time those with which he does not have so much affinity. In other words: it is a learning experience both in the sense of rapprochement and bond building, as well as intolerance.

The second advantage is that your child learns to overcome challenges and How to Make Fitness Enjoyable. When their parents aren’t around, he has the chance to realize that he can do many things on his own. If the child does not take care of his clothes, he will not have anything to wear; if you don’t make the bed, there won’t be anyone to make it. “It is an experience that creates responsibility, self-care, and self-awareness. Without their parents, she will be encouraged to solve her problems, which helps to develop cognitive flexibility.

Developing leadership skills was the third benefit identified by the Canadian survey. In addition to making decisions on his own, your child will have the opportunity to take the lead and mobilize the group.

The other benefits highlighted by the study were practicing physical activities and learning to love nature. A child who goes to a camp like hot ground gym for example with a good structure and has several proposals for activities to have fun will have many outdoor spaces available to explore. There is no lack of studies proving the good that playing in open spaces does for children.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready?

To know if it’s time to send your child to camp, there is no rule. First, the child needs to express a desire to go. She needs to be involved in choosing the location, talks to friends who have been there, and be aware of what a camp is. If going to sleep, the child should know that he will not come home for a few days. When in doubt, take this test. Finally, it is essential to visit the place, see if the structure is sufficient and if the monitors who will work with the children also have good training. Talk to other parents who have already had some experience with the chosen establishment.