Al Fresco Drinking: 5 Latest Trend in Singapore’s Bar Scene


As Singapore’s outdoor bar scene continues to evolve, al fresco drinking has become increasingly popular. With the warm weather, stunning views and beautiful sunsets, Singaporeans have embraced the trend of outdoor drinking. Whether it’s beachfront bars, rooftop terraces or gardens, there are plenty of great places to grab a drink. Here are five of the latest trends in Singapore’s bar scene for the perfect al fresco drinking experience.

Beachfront Bars

Singapore’s beaches are now home to some of the best bars in the city if you’re looking for a chilled-out beachside vibe or a vibrant nightlife spot for the evening. The beach bar at Siloso is one of the most popular beachfront bars in Singapore. Located on the local beachfront, this bar offers an array of drinks and amazing views. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail or an ice-cold beer while taking in stunning views of the sea.

Rooftop Terraces

Singapore has some of the best rooftop bars in the world and they provide the perfect setting for al fresco drinking. From traditional pubs to trendy bars, the city’s rooftops have something to suit everyone’s tastes. The rooftop terrace at the bar at Sentosa is one of the most popular in the city. Here, you can enjoy a selection of beers, wines and cocktails while taking in the views of the coastal landscape.

Craft Beer Bars

Singapore is home to a thriving bar scene for enjoyment. Craft beer bars aren’t the underdog you would expect and they are popping up all over the city. There’s no other place to look for if you are after a unique drinking experience, a craft beer bar is a perfect choice. You can find one of the best-loved craft beer bars online and in local bars. There, you can sample a range of locally-brewed craft beers and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. 

Garden Bars

These bars are perfect for those who seek a place to relax and unwind in a natural, tranquil environment. You can find one of the most popular garden outdoor bars in Singapore. This bar offers a fantastic selection of craft beers and wines (including a range of delicious snacks). With its lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere, this bar is a perfect spot for a leisurely evening of al fresco drinking.

Pop-Up Bars

These bars are great for those who like to try something new and unexpected for the weekend. The city’s vibrant nightlife scene has seen an influx of pop-up bars in recent years, with new bars popping up every now and then for locals and travellers to try. Why not visit one of these pop-up bars for a unique al fresco drinking experience?

As Singapore continues to embrace al fresco drinking, these five trends show that there are plenty of great bars to choose from. Whether it’s a beachfront bar, a rooftop terrace, a garden, a craft beer bar or a pop-up bar, Singapore has something for everyone. Visit Bikini Bar for an exciting bar at Sentosa!