Alone, without a husband – Elena Likhach and a trip to Alanya


What will an ordinary girl do while her husband is busy at work? Household chores, perhaps meeting with friends or going to your favorite store. But for experienced travelers, things are a little different. While Elena Likhach’s husband is busy at work, she went to Turkey, the choice fell on Alanya!

At this time, not many tourists visit Turkey, so I could well afford to go on a trip at an attractive cost. I was especially attracted by the prices not for flights, but for hotels. Unfortunately, Oleg was very busy at work, and I had a free week.

Of course, I have been to Turkey, three times, but it was Kemer and Istanbul. I never flew to Alanya, so I knew nothing about the metropolis and local hotels. However, having studied Google maps, I realized that it is best to go to Cleopatra Beach, since only there you will have the opportunity to walk along the beautiful promenade. And I did not regret that I chose this particular beach! Today this place is my favorite place to relax on the sea coast.

The choice of cheap hotels with all inclusive was very wide. All hotels were open. This is worth paying attention to, because your favorite hotel may close during the off-season and during the cold season. In order not to miscalculate with the hotel and food (which I am very picky about) for the entire trip, I booked a room using And I didn’t guess.

Four years ago, I “tried” to stay in an apartment for 6 days, then I thought that it was much more convenient than a hotel.

Why did I like Alanya?

  • Firstly, the warm sea (from mid-spring to mid-autumn).
  • Secondly, a spacious and empty beach.
  • Thirdly, clear water of a beautiful shade.
  • Fourthly, an ancient building on a beautiful relief hill and azan signals several times a day.
  • Fifth, a wide coastline and a huge number of children’s areas near the beach.
  • Sixth, unusual tourist ships passing along the coast.

I will also note the beautiful hills, as well as aircraft in the sky. It is impossible not to say about the infrastructure in general, namely the huge Migros shopping centers.

Despite the fact that the tourist is in a simple metropolis with ordinary residents, however, there is no fuss around, and it feels like a person is in a quiet place on vacation. Where everyone loves kids and pets.

I would not want to sit in a hotel outside the city, because you can’t go anywhere for a walk, and you have to get to the metropolis by bus or taxi.

I liked the Cleopatra Resort because, in addition to the gorgeous beach and promenade, this is the most peaceful place in Alanya, where hotels are located close to simple residential buildings. The center of the metropolis and the main attractions can be reached on foot in just half an hour.

Alanya is also good because it provides quality services at low prices. You can stay in a wonderful hotel for 18 euros per day (food included). The room is very comfortable, overlooking the beach and with a beautiful balcony.

I had no idea that I would like to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. This is not suffering at all, but rather a beautiful procedure!