Amazing Festoon and Fairy Lights for Wedding Lighting


Regardless matter whether the ceremony and reception are conducted indoors or outdoors, these wedding lighting ideas will increase the romantic ante.

How should the lights be set up for the wedding reception?

Lighting may be created in a variety of ways for your wedding. However, festoon and fairy lights are used in the bulk of the wedding lighting suggestions shown here. These lights are really easy to hang and decorate with.

Rotate the festoon lights and streamers.

Instead of the usual evergreen garlands, use streamers or flag buntings to create a more festive ambience. The arched ceiling draws the gaze upward, highlighting how prominent the sky is above. Black cable commercial fairy lights may be strung along the available joists or rafters in the ceiling to enhance the enchanted, fairytale mood.

Just behind the rafter, hang a string of frosted warm-white light bulbs to create a more festive atmosphere. You’re ready to dance the night away with your loved ones since you’re dressed to the nines. Choosing the wedding lights outdoor is essential here.

Candles for an Outdoor Wedding on a String

It’s possible to give the appearance that an interior wedding party is taking place outdoors thanks to a white colour scheme, draped cloth, and lush vegetation.

Your loved ones will always cherish this special occasion as a timeless and treasured moment of joy.

If you look up, you may see white festoon lights strung in the space between the drapes that resemble maypoles. It will show up strongly against a starry sky or a totally black backdrop. Make a wave-like motion with the curtains to signal the occasion if there is no breeze. Industrial fans put on the ceiling might work well for this.

For a tighter fit and fewer cables dangling in the air, festoon lighting splitters may be affixed to the thighs. Additionally, it would be easier to put up and take down.

Right in the centre of everything

On the dance floor of a wedding, the most priceless memories are made. particularly if you plan to have the party outdoors. By placing poles at each of the four corners and encircling them with festoon string lights, you may guide your guests’ pathways. If all you want to do is relax, you may choose between the white ones and the colourful ones. So either tell your guests to wear their dancing shoes or let them go about the grass barefoot.

Traditional festoon lights on canopies

A cool-white festoon light canopy might significantly enhance the appearance and atmosphere of a patio dinner party. They appreciate their food more when they have a better view on it. the faces of the people standing on their opposite side.

You are aware that the wall behind the newlyweds is empty and made of drywall, right? To stress my point even further, I’ve suspended a string of warm-white teardrop-shaped light bulbs from the ceiling to the ground. The newlyweds’ and their family members’ photos taken at this time will have a nice background thanks to this.