Brief notes on fake traffic caused by bots


Do you know that bots use the internet? Yeah, certain applications are designed to increase fake clicks on an Ad and thereby negatively impact the budget of the advertiser. This is why many marketers, businessmen, producers, and promoters use a tool that is efficient to regulate ad fraud google. It is common for competitors to use click bots as a strategy to drop your financial and business-related positions in the market.

What are the consequences of fake clicks?

  • Higher bandwidth usage
  • Sudden and abnormal rise in page views
  • Skewed Google Analytics reports that are considered for the decision-making process in a business
  • Lower conversion rates
  • Higher server costs & more strain on data centers
  • Poor website performance

Is there a way to identify Bot traffic?

If you fail to identify bot clicks, you cannot regulate the fake traffic. This is why a list of tips is provided to give you some insights.

  • Increase in Bounce rate and Traffic
  • Page Load Speed
  • Unexplained reduction in Bounce rate
  • Complaints from customers
  • SEO performance

Increase in Bounce rate and Traffic:  This is an obvious indication of bot clicks. If you observe a sudden spike in both bounce rate and traffic volume, it is a sign that bad bots are hovering over your sites. A single bot has paid multiple visits to your digital medium or a group of bots has started attacking your site.

Page Load Speed: The speed of a page can change after the installation of certain updates. But if the contents of your page take a longer time to load, it is a sure-shot signal of fake traffic. This doesn’t mean that you can conclude that bots are the only cause of slow page performance. You must also review your other KPIs. Believe it or not, one bot cannot cause harm as much as several bots with the intention to perform malicious activities on your website.

Unexplained reduction in Bounce rate: Web scraping bots scan many pages at once and steal the content. Activities of Web scraping bots can result in a slowdown of bounce rate.

Complaints from customers: Have you ever come across a situation where your loyal customers reported not being able to order your products? If yes, it is sad to tell you that scalper bots are at work. These kinds of bots are programmed to perform ultra-fast online purchasing; this means their activities interfere with real customers trying to buy goods from your company.

SEO performance: Your SERP ranking can be negatively impacted due to web scraping bots that publish your content on other sites. The other website with your content may obtain a better ranking than yours letting you get penalized by the search engine for duplication issues.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that you can identify the attack of bots with the help of the above-mentioned indicators. You may also seek an expert’s assistance to review your website to suggest appropriate actions such as the purchase of software. Installation of an online tool will prevent ad fraud google and linked malicious activities.