Customs Brokerage: What a Customs Broker Do to Help Your Import Business


There are many ways your importing business can benefit from working with a customs broker. By working with a Clearit USA customs brokerage, you can circumvent possible with CBP. Aside from helping you with the basic steps in the importing process, there are other ways they can be of help to your business. 

What Customs Brokers Do

A customs broker navigates customs clearance details. When it comes to importing, a lot of rules and regulations must be followed. Customs brokers are trained to make sure your goods pass through customs without problems. Allowing these experts to handle your import means giving them a power of attorney. This means that the broker represents your interests if problems arise when your shipment arrives at a port of entry. 

In addition, a customs broker can also offer consulting services, assist with duty drawbacks, and help you partner with third-party logistics warehouses. 

Benefits of Hiring a Customs Broker

If you let a customs broker, take care of your import needs, you get the following benefits:

  • Customs clearance guidance. A customs broker can walk you through the customs clearance process. They can tell you the best practices to adopt before you make a costly mistake. Also, they can offer you customs consulting associated with your goods, transportation method, and source. 
  • Representation. When you allow a customs broker to submit the customs paperwork, they serve as the importer of record, which means that a broker gets the power of attorney from you. They will file and sign documentation for you. Also, they make sure your shipment moves through customs quickly. 
  • Education. A customs broker can keep you informed about how the importing industry works and what’s new in it. Also, they can update you about changing customs regulations to follow. Often, customs brokers have a network of connections that lets them stay ahead of the customs clearance game. They will tell you the implications of foreign laws and regulations on your business. 
  • Damage claims assistance. Damages in shipping can come from a lot of sources. Also, they can have varying sources. However, these damages may not be detected during inspection. With cargo insurance, you can easily file a claim; however, this will be a long and arduous process. And if you are not experienced with these claims, things can easily get more complicated. But a broker can file a claim for you and ensure you get a quick refund for damages.