Gagging And Blindfolds – 3 Sexy Reasons Why The Game Rocks!


You didn’t like the idea at first. Then you lost a bet and you had to do it – midway through it, you realize you’d been missing out on mind blowing fun…and just like that, you fell in love with tape gagged and blindfolds. You’re still new into the game. You haven’t learnt as much as your buddies who have been in it for years. As such, you know for sure there’s still so much you need to learn. Well, first things first. You’ve already overcome the first major huddle – the most challenging one – you’ve put your reservations aside. From now onwards, all you have to do is learn. Here’s why the self gags and blindfolds rock and why you’ll enjoy the game.

The Thrill

Have your ever felt the urge to be in control, make orders and have someone marvel at the power you hold over them? No doubt you have, which is in fact, why you find tape gagged thrilling. On the contrary, you could actually be craving for submission. It sounds strange but it happens especially to those who hold actual positions of power in real life. One stays in such a position for too long until some kind of quest for submission kicks in. You want someone for once to exercise some control just to experience how it feels to be on the other end of a command.

The Lessons You Learn

There’s so much you still don’t know about your body. More importantly and more precisely, there’s still so much you don’t know about your sexuality. Gags and blindfolds can go a long way to help explore the unexplored areas of your body and sexuality. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn and how much you’ll discover.

The Memories You’ll Make

The more you enjoy the game the more memories you’ll make. Looking back, you’ll only have yourself to thank for the great memories you make. Notably, you’ll also meet so many people who are into gags and blindfolds. When all is said and done, you’ll make more than just memories. You’ll also make friend…and who knows? You could end up finding your soul mate in the amazing universe that gaging is.