Importance Of Safe Word With Trans escort


Having a safe word during sex might seem a bit redundant, but when you are going out with a trans escort, it is always a good option. The main reason behind this is because trans escort usually like their lovemaking sessions to be rough, and when you are not sure when their boundary is crossed, a safe word can stop things immediately.

What do I mean by rough sex?

Trans escort really want the best experience for their clients, but since they want to enjoy it at the same time, they tend to make their lovemaking sessions a bit more hardcore than the one you would have with a regular female. Rough sessions involve things such as pulling their hair, slapping or even hitting their ass, choking them, or just fucking them without mercy. While trans escort are quite good when it comes to limits of rough sex, having a safe word in case you cross that boundary of theirs is advised, as it is a good signal for you to stop with whatever you are doing.

What is a good option for a safe word

A lot of people would assume that the word stop or no is a good safe word, but it can be used in so many scenarios without thinking, that it is not the best choice. Instead, go for some random words such as pineapple, grapefruit, mousepad, or whatever you wouldn’t mention during sex.

Safe words are even more useful if you are the submissive one

If you are looking to explore new kinks with a shemale that tends to be more dominant, picking a safe word would be the best way to make her stop, because you will often beg her to stop by saying no or stop while she is in charge, even if you don’t actually want to.

Should you always use a safe word?

Well, as important the safe word is, you do not always need it, even if it is advised. If you are just having regular sex, or if you are getting a blowjob, there is no real need for a safeword. However, if you are planning to have a session that is more on the rough side, or if you are planning to include some BDSM, sex toys, or sex machines, then having a safe word can be very useful. It is also important to avoid using any kind of gags if you establish a safeword, as you or your escort will not be able to say it.