Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation: Pros and Cons


Cannabis can be grown indoors and outdoors; each method has advantages and disadvantages. Whether to grow using a cannabis planter indoors or outdoors? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Indoor Cultivation

Cultivating cannabis indoors generally describes using an enclosed space. That could be underground, within a building, or in the field, using a well-covered tent or glass. The idea is to have a growing environment free from natural and external influences so that you can control humidity, pressure, temperature, and other crucial factors.

The biggest advantage of indoor cultivation is the flexibility to control things, leaving only a few things to nature. Indoor cultivation using a cannabis planter, for example, allows you to combine different strains to create new ones with the best of both qualities.

Although indoor cultivation is more costly and labor-intensive, the benefits far outweigh any challenges. Indoor-cultivated cannabis is in high demand owing to its qualities. But as a grower, you must take extra precautions to achieve a high-grade yield.

Outdoor Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation refers to the free-range growth of cannabis in the open, allowing nature and its elements to work their magic on your herb. Outdoor cultivation has little artificial control of humidity, lighting, and temperature, but growers often intervene when the natural water supply is low. Many believe outdoor cultivation is more organic than indoor cultivation, but it largely depends on the grower’s methods.

Outdoor cultivation does allow herbs to grow in a natural environment and reach their genetic potential unaided. If practiced correctly, outdoor cultivation requires less capital and physical labor but only sometimes translates to more advantages over indoor cultivation.


Both indoor and outdoor cultivation work for growing cannabis. You can use a cannabis planter to grow indoors or even start your outdoor nursery. Indoor cultivation, however, has the advantage over outdoor cultivation as the former allows growers to achieve their desired result and not leave things to nature.