My Experience Using Hoarding Stickers In Our Restaurant


Some people want blank walls. It is clean and minimalistic. However, it is too plain for our restaurant. Although we intentionally made our restaurant interior simple, a blank wall was uninteresting. So I decided to apply what I learned from marketing throughhoarding stickers.

If you have been to malls, restaurants, or shops, you might have seen their walls with images of their endorsers that seemed to be printed on them. In real life, those were not printed on the wall or painted. Those are hoarding stickers: gigantic laminated stickers installed on walls or glass surfaces. And you guessed it right; they are mostly used for marketing.


I realised that our blank restaurant wall that spans ten metres wide has so much potential. So I decided to make it a billboard, but not your ordinary billboard. When you say billboard, it is usually high up outside and uses large format printing in Singapore. But I used hoarding stickerson my wall instead.


I learned in marketing that in order for an audience to retain your brand and make it relatable to people: it should tell a story. So instead of using the endorser’s image, a picture of our dishes, or our giant logo, which is more appropriate to be on the digital signage of the company, I decided to tell a story.

To give you a background, our restaurant was established by my grandfather who immigrated from Taiwan to Singapore in the early 1970s. Here, he had a small noodle cart that served stir-fried noodles. It remained a noodle cart for many years until my father, who had inherited the recipe, found a good place to open the restaurant. 

Our restaurant is now eight years old and is already up for renovation, so we decided to give it a new look with hoarding stickers.

We contacted Big Image to work with our spectacular hoarding stickers. The design was pretty simple. We introduced our grandfather who created our original stir-fried noodle recipe, his journey in Singapore, and how his noodles continued to feed millions of Singaporeans for the past five decades.


Thanks to Big Image, our wall became a walk down memory lane. The colours are on the spot, and I can guarantee that it is high-quality. It took less than a month to get the stickers delivered and less than a day to install them.

It just gave our restaurant character. It is not just an ordinary noodle restaurant but a noodle house rich in history. It made us stand out from other restaurants in the neighbourhood.


If you think your walls are too blank, I recommend giving them a new face with hoarding stickers. They are tried and tested marketing tools. But they are not just marketing tools; you can also use them in your home as an alternative to wallpapers.


Do you needevent management services in Singapore? Or are you looking for hoarding sticker products and large-format printing services? I suggest visiting Big Image today.