The most popular podcast topics and how you can choose one


Whether you’re just beginning with podcasting or a seasoned veteran, coming up with exciting podcast subjects for your audience can be difficult. Podcasters must focus on their interests and skills as a general guideline to create relevant and compelling content. Let’s address the subjects in terms of podcast consumption to keep you on the track below;

Before we get into podcast themes, let’s go through some essential concerns you should ask yourself as a podcaster before reaching a choice.

Who is your target audience?

Keep in mind! You are not generating material for yourself but rather for your viewers! While making podcasts based on your interests and skills is critical, we’re all human and can constantly adjust. Use untapped data about your audience, like statistics and preferences, whenever possible. They can be facing a struggle that you are unaware of. If that’s the case, you can use your podcasts to conduct research and serve as a healer. What’s more, who knows? Based on your listeners’ demands, you might discover new subjects that interest you.

What interests you?

Your first podcast topic will attract an audience for whom it will be worthwhile to provide material in the future. If your fan base is enthusiastic about a podcast concept you are not, you start damaging and abandoning followers. As a result, consider how important a podcast concept is to you. You, like other podcasters, probably have a day job and other obligations, so you create material in your leisure moments. It won’t be very long before you understand that spending your leisure time on issues that don’t line with your aims and opinions isn’t worth it. As a result, keep in mind that you have complete influence over your potential listeners at first.

How can you stand out?

Because they are distinctive, top podcasts on powerful platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Google Play make such an impression. Try to concentrate on an important topic to identify your distinctiveness and distinguish it from other podcasters. Don’t talk about business in general if you’re passionate about it. Instead, narrow it down to ‘eCommerce marketing on Shopify’ or something else that fascinates you.

Let’s go through some new concepts to get you going now that we have addressed vital things to ask yourself before choosing a podcast subject.

  • Talk about your favorite subject.

You must have a favorite book, television show, or film franchise. It could be the perfect place to begin. It would help if you were qualified to reflect on story twists and provide your unique opinions to your audience.

  • Authentic crime

Just as tourist experience creates a buzz among vacationers, true crime podcasts appear to be of solid desire among viewers. Three podcasts concerning murder mysteries are frequently seen in the top ranks of significant podcasting sites.

  • Talkshows

Typically, these shows feature numerous hosts and episodes that cover a variety of themes. The hosts of talk shows are usually influential persons with solid personalities and views. They take approximately 30 minutes to an hour and are simple to engage in and capture. Take inspiration from Patti Katter, a talk show host who has discussed various topics from military life to everyday life since 2006. Her Talkshow “Wake up with Patti” is the talk of the town, where every week, she features guests who, through their distinct personal and professional experiences, motivate and inspire others. As you listen to this delicious podcast that is likely to tickle your eardrums, all of your senses will WAKE UP.

  • International News

The way we acquire news has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years. The internet has displaced newspapers, making it easier to stay informed. News podcasts have recently grown in prominence and number of listeners. Consequently, the BBC created its news podcast service, dubbed Global News.

  • Food

Isn’t it true that we all have a favorite dish? There are plenty of food podcasts to choose from. Doughboys, a show about fast food and chain restaurants, is possibly the most popular food podcast! You can find restaurant reviews, fresh recipes, and even strange cooking hurdles on many platforms.

Overall, question yourself if you are genuinely engaged and enthusiastic about what you are discussing with your audience before choosing on your next podcast topic. Once you ensure you enjoy it, positive outcomes will almost always follow!