Top 4 Office Renovation Ideas in Singapore for a Productive Office 


Is your office going back to a face-to-face setup? Or do you think it’s just due for a makeover? Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time for an office renovation in Singapore. A new look for your office opens up the opportunity to design your office to make employees more productive. Here are the top four interior design tips for creating a more productive office.

Blend workspace with living space

Many people worked remotely during the pandemic. While the world thought this would be detrimental to a company’s productivity initially, most said that the setup was more beneficial to their productivity instead. It motivates them because they have the means to work comfortably. Suppose your office is adjusting to a face-to-face arrangement again. In that case, you can make the transition easier by hiring interior design services in Singapore to create a blend of workspace and living space. Instead of having designated work areas, allow your employees to move wherever they want like they would in a home.

Create an open workspace

Cubicles have become outdated as workforces develop a more collaborative system between coworkers. While they offer privacy, they exchange that with inefficient communication between coworkers. During commercial renovation in Singapore, consider opening up the floor and space every workspace out so that everyone still has their privacy but can still communicate with their coworkers. Glass partitions are an effective method of designating workspaces without isolating them.

Go green

A sustainable office can be more comforting with the help of plants and water sources like fountains. The effort could also resonate with more environmentally-conscious employees in the office, making them happier and prouder to come to work every day. In addition, it could bolster the company’s reputation for caring about environmental issues. When gathering ideas for office interior design in Singapore, look for uses of acoustic furniture and the usage of wood and glass rather than plastic, among other concepts.

Create breakout rooms

Staying at your desk for several hours a day can slowly demoralise your coworkers. The monotony of constantly working without a break can decrease productivity. To prevent this, give your employees a breakout room using commercial renovation in Singapore. This room doesn’t have to be used just for breaks. You can also encourage employees to work there whenever they need a new environment.

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