What is the connection between AI and deep nude?


You can always look at three things: how the fire burns, how the water flows, and how scandalous news about stars appears. Ordinary people are especially interested in naked celebrities, so it is not surprising that neural networks and AI deepnude that can undress girls in photos attract everyone’s attention. How to get “nudity” from artificial intelligence, and where can it be used? Here is about it. 

Neural networks for entertainment

Artificial neural networks are now used by people far from complex mathematical models. When software creators realized that neural networks were at least fun, the smartphone application market was flooded with image-processing programs based on artificial neural networks. Software for image processing and replacing faces in photographs and videos, undressing photos instantly became viral. This is a powerful weapon in the age of social networks. Applications like the famous Deep Nude can not only amuse you – with them, you can greatly change your appearance. Moreover, it all looks so naturalistic that you can hardly suspect a catch at first glance.

Deep Nude – the beginning of AI nudifiers

In 2019, the DeepNude neural network appeared, which promised to undress anyone for a subscription of $50 and for $100 to remove the “Fake” mark from the resulting image. The neural network coped especially well with photos in a swimsuit – the output was a completely realistic picture. Although we must understand that the AI does not recreate the missing “objects” but selects those suitable in size and color from the database, who is stopping that? According to https://blog.nudify.online/, the service unexpectedly received enormous attention from users and the press, and the developers decided to close the project because they realized that “the world is not yet ready for DeepNude and the likelihood of abuse of the neural network’s capabilities was too great. The service was replaced by many clones using the DeepNude source code, which the developers have made open and available to everyone. Nudity is one of such clones.