4 Benefits Of Pressure Tanks On Your Plumbing System


Homeowners, especially those who live in a multi-storey building, often experience low water pressure. It can be an inconvenience, especially if you need to shower quickly or do several kilograms of laundry. You can solve this problem with a pressure tank.

Pressure tanks are machines that help the water from the ground to circulate through the pipes around the house using air pressure. The higher the infrastructure is, the more pressure the water needs to climb up the building. An air pressure tank allows you to control the pressure, depending on your need.

Here are the benefits of pressure tanks on your plumbing system:

1. Water for multi-storey buildings

If your home has a second floor or your unit is on the upper floors of the building, the water struggles to climb up due to gravity. It results in little to no water at all on the upper floors.

Pressure tanks push the water up to the upper floors, ensuring all the faucets, showers, toilet bowls, and bidets have water.

2. Conserve the water

When you have low water pressure on your pipes, there is a high chance that your water will trickle down your faucet because there is no adequate pressure that holds the water. It worsens when your faucet is worn off.

If you want to conserve water, installing an air pressure tank can help in its little ways, especially with its precision dispensing ability.

3. Extended pump life

For people sourcing their water from wells, they use a water pump to bring underground water to the surface. Without pressure tanks, the pump continues to cycle to ensure water supply.

Pressure tanks accumulate all excess water the water pump has brought. The pump does not have to pump as often as before because there is water available for later use.

4. Quiet

Water pumps can be noisy whilst working. When you have storage for excess water, your pump doesn’t have to work in the meantime. It means a quieter home.

You don’t have to suffer from trickling water when using a pressure tank.

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