4 Video Production Mistakes That You’ll Likely Make But Need To Avoid

Whether it’s a school project or top production houses in Singapore, we are all likely to make mistakes in video production. Even if it’s live streaming, creating a short ad, film or video clip, it’s almost unavoidable and imminent to make errors. Video production is often complex and not as simple or straightforward as some would have assumed it to be. Nonetheless, learning the most common mistakes is one way to enhance the quality of your output if you’re conscious about making an impact with it. Instead of learning things from first-hand experience, here are video production mistakes that you’ll likely make but need to avoid.

1. Using the cheapest production service

It’s understandable that some of us want to cut down the cost of producing quality video. In that case, opting for a cheap animation or TVC production house in Singapore might seem like an excellent idea, right? No! The truth is, going for a ‘cheap’ service will likely result in cheap results. Remember that quality service may cost some money, but the outcome is worth the investment.

2. Poor audio

Poor audio quality is one of the most common video production mistakes that everyone can make. Professionals can fall for it as well. Poor audio can destroy your video quality no matter how sophisticated the animation, videography or graphic can be. Even if you attempt to hire an animation company in Singapore, poor audio can make your video ‘unprofessional’.

3. Hiring bad actors

Another deal-breaker for video production is bad actors. Bad actors are enough to ruin your entire video should you hire corporate video production in Singapore to save the output. Professional actors can be costly, but it is an investment worth making.

4. Excessive compression

Most video production can take a lot of space when you produce its raw files. While it certainly is the case for most, excessive compression can ruin the sound and video quality. So, it’s something you should keep in mind. Are you looking for an animation company or cinematography in Singapore? Visit Zoetrope for more info.