Making Messaging Platforms Safe for Business Use


Communication security is as important as efficiency for many businesses that have since conducted remote work. Plenty of online messaging platforms promise both qualities, but it still falls in the hands of companies to ensure the data they exchange is protected. Organizations strictly monitor WeChat compliance, and you should consider implementing precautions to avoid legal trouble.

Maintaining Telegram compliance can be difficult to navigate since the rules vary depending on location. Moreover, cybercriminals actively seek ways to accessconfidential business data, often through employees’ negligence. To avoid these risks and more, consider the following tips for your business communications:

Only Use Secure Messaging Platforms

Not all messaging applications are created equal. One of the most common messaging apps includes Facebook Messenger, which is easily accessible but has issues with security. You should not conduct official communications on this platform since there is a high risk of data breaches and leakage.

When choosing which apps to use for your company, we recommend the following:

  • Signal Private Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram Messenger
  • Viber
  • Microsoft Teams Chats
  • Wickr

Use Self-Destructing Messages

Self-destructing messages refer to conversations that permanently delete themselves after a certain period expires. Hackers cannot recover the deleted messages even if they can access your account. This feature is handy when sending critical company information and if a device is lost.

Activate End-to-End Encryption

Many messaging applications offer powerful end-to-end encryption but do not turn this on by default.

End-to-end encryption keeps your messages extra secure by scrambling them into an unreadable format only accessible by the sender and receiver. This means hackers won’t be able to intercept and decrypt these messages, therefore securing your conversations.

Before sending anything, examine the application’s settings and check if the end-to-end encryption feature is activated.

Use an Archiving Solution

Cybercriminals are not the only factors that threaten your business.

Regulatory bodies like SEC and FINRA strictly impose rules on company messaging compliance, requiring each business to have an archive to keep records of all conversations. Violations may result in tarnished reputation and legal ramifications. To learn more about compliance requirements by SEC, check out this infographic by TeleMessage.