6 Common Reasons for Dogs to Attack


Dogs are the most popular pet in the world, but they can have an aggressive side that even their owners aren’t aware of. If you’re curious, then this blog post might be perfect for you!

Here, we’ll talk about common reasons for dogs to attack and why some dog breeds are more prone to aggression. You can click here to know more about the most aggressive dog breeds and what you can do after being injured by a dog.

For now, we will explore common reasons for dogs to attack.

  • Being scared

Some dogs are scared of anything and everything. They are not used to the presence of humans and in some cases, this is their first time with you. And some dogs are just naturally nervous. A scared dog might attack you in self-defense. So, you should try to communicate with the dog and gain its trust as soon as possible. Never try to force the dog and never scare it. 

  • Being startled

A startled dog might also attack you in self-defense. For example, if you rush up to the dog when it is eating, it might feel startled and attack you. So, you should never advance towards a dog that is eating or sleeping and try to pet it. 

  • Protective nature

Some dogs are protective of their territory and owner. This makes them have an aggressive nature towards other animals and people. The dog might also feel threatened when it feels that you are getting close to its territory or master. So, you should be careful when entering into a territory of a dog.

  • Being frustrated

Dogs can be frustrated for many reasons. For example, they might feel frustrated if they are trying to catch something and their owner steps on it.  Some dogs can also lose their temper when their owners try to touch them in places where they don’t want to be touched.

  • When they are in pain

Many dogs attack their owners when they are in pain. For example, if you hurt a dog by stepping on its paw, then it might feel pain and start to attack. It is obvious that you shouldn’t hurt a dog in any way.

  • Accidents while playing

Some dogs get along with their owners very well and they don’t want to hurt them. In some cases, they play with their owners and accidentally bite them. This is why you should be very careful when you are playing with a dog.