What Does It Cost To Hire A Bike Accident Attorney?

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As a biker, you are more likely to suffer serious injuries in a traffic accident compared to someone in a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, such accidents do happen. The question here is whether you should seek help from an expert. If yes, what does it cost to hire a bike accident attorney? We have a few pointers below.

The need for an attorney

Because such an accident can leave a trail of destruction behind you, it is best to be sure about the next steps. A skilled attorney will do the following for you –

  1. Determine who is responsible for the bike accident
  2. Put a value on your claim and determine what you should seek in compensation
  3. Find evidence and witnesses to prove the driver’s fault
  4. Talk to accident reconstruction experts when required
  5. Gather all the necessary bills, expenses, and documents for your case
  6. Complete the required formalities and legal paperwork
  7. Negotiate the settlement with the insurance adjuster
  8. Fight the battle in court

The cost of engaging a lawyer

You don’t need any random lawyer for your bike accident claim but someone who specializes in personal injury law. The cost of hiring a lawyer is a common reason why victims step back from seeking expertise. The excellent news is attorneys work on a contingency fee for such claims. For the unversed, lawyers don’t get to bill the client for each hour of work but take a cut from the final settlement. If you win, the lawyer receives anywhere between 30% and 40% of your reward, and if you don’t, the lawyer doesn’t get the fee. The lawyer’s price may vary, depending on many factors. 

Understanding other factors

While the lawyer’s fee is contingent on the outcome of the case, other expenses are usually not. There are costs that must be paid by the client, such as the cost of traveling, hiring professionals and expenses related to the investigation. You should ask the lawyer for an estimate and discuss ways to pay the same. Law firms have different arrangements for such cases. Your lawyer could agree to pay for you, but when you get compensated, you have to pay for those expenses. On the contrary, some lawyers insist on a separate payment.

Final word

It doesn’t take anything to consult an attorney for your bike accident claim, especially in the initial stages. Just talk to the best law firm you can find and ask relevant questions to understand the case better.