Here’s How I Fixed My Work Station for WFH Setup

  A year ago, my company decided to implement a permanent work-from-home setup. At first, I started using our kitchen table with a monoblock chair. Sitting in front of my laptop for eight hours a day worsened my back pain due to bad posture. As a content writer, I was tasked with submitting articles, and of course, it would take hours before I finished everything. Since the WFH setup will stay for a long time, I decided to improve my workplace by buying equipment from an office furniture supplier in Singapore. As a young professional, I aimed to observe my health and keep my body in good condition. So, I provided my small workspace with the needed furniture for a healthier working environment. I bought an ergonomic office chair and a foldable table to keep my working process effective. So, read how I fixed my workstation for a better experience.

Here’s How I Fixed My Work Station for WFH Setup

Since I experienced WFH setup, I never wanted to work in the office full-time again. The comfort of working at home has been a blessing for me because I could focus on other activities. Plus, I don’t need to commute! Financially speaking,  transportation fees and other expenses would be transferred to my budget for setting up a new workstation. And so, here’s how I Fixed my workstation with an office furniture supplier in Singapore.

1. Allotted A Working Space

When planning to fix my workstation, I allotted a working space in my room to divide my focus between home life vs work duties. This way, I could focus on my task and increase my productivity. In my room, I chose a corner near the window to look at the view whilst working on a foldable table in Singapore.

2. Made a List of Furniture to Buy

After I looked for a working space, I also made a list of furniture I should buy. I included tables, laptops, random cute objects for inspiration, and an ergonomic office chair in Singapore. In doing so, I could prepare my budget and stick to my finances. Fortunately, I could allot more money for my WFH needs because going to the office is more expensive.

3. Bought a Comfy Chair 

I had to sit all day long to finish all the required articles for the day. I started with a monoblock chair because I thought the WFH setup would only last for months. But luckily, it was announced that this would be the permanent work setting. Since then, I decided to buy a lounge chair in Singapore where I could sit or relax.

4. Invested in a Work Table/Desk

I was only working on our kitchen table when WFH was suddenly implemented. It was a hassle because I had to move away when my family was going to eat lunch or dinner. For this reason, I also invested in a working table, like a small-sized conference table in Singapore, fit for my room.

5. Invested in Gadgets or Laptops

My work is about digital marketing, so it means I have to buy gadgets or laptops. Besides the tables and chairs, practical gadgets also helped my work performance. As a result, I bought a new one which also increased my productivity.
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