3 Tips To Help You Prepare for Eyebrow Embroidery


What exactly is eyebrow microblading in Singapore? This latest brow trend has left many people scrambling for a studio or salon where they can get their fill. Microblading is no longer viewed as a treatment for hair loss; it has become a popular lifestyle choice for many people and is considered gender-neutral.

If you’re new to the brow trend, you’re likely to have a lot of questions. For those who have never had eyebrow embroidery in Singapore before, this article serves as a guide. In no way is it meant to be exhaustive, but rather to aid you in preparing for your consultation with the brow expert.

To begin, consult with a brow specialist regarding microblading or eyebrow embroidery. With the advancement of technology, you can now conduct this consultation in-store or via e-consultation (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram etc). During your initial consultation, the brow specialist will almost certainly:

Conduct a thorough examination of your medical history.

Before brow embroidery in Singapore, be prepared to discuss current and previous medical conditions. Discuss any medications you are currently taking or have recently taken, as well as any surgeries you have had. If you have a history of allergic reactions, you must disclose them.

Discern your goals and expectations.

Explain why you’re considering eyebrow embroidery in Singapore and what you hope to achieve in terms of appearance following the procedure. Never be afraid to clarify.

Review and analyse the shape of your face.

To determine the type of brow that is best suited to your face shape, the specialist from the best eyebrow embroidery clinic in Singapore will take measurements of various areas of your face with and without your eyes closed. Additionally, photographs may be taken to document your treatment.

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