Shaping Arches: Try Brow Embroidery In Singapore And These Other Services!


Thanks to my legendary eyebrow favourites, Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne, I have been so madly obsessed with getting different eyebrow services lately! Back when the year graced its way, I welcomed 2022 with fresh, rosy puckers, all because of lips embroidery in Singapore. And recently, I grew fonder of making arches look as Instagram-worthy as possible.

Before getting an eyebrow or eyeliner tattoo in Singapore, microblading, threading, and all, let me share a quick scoop on all the brow services I have tried and the differences between each. Ahead, determine which eyebrow treatments work best for you! 


When I started taking care of my brows and learned famous feathering techniques, brow embroidery in Singapore, I was only tweezing my eyebrows to clean the excess hair and shape my arches.


Aside frombrow embroidery in Singapore, threading is also a universal brow treatment. The artist only used two cotton pieces of thread to keep my brows looking more natural and bushy, which I absolutely like!


Waxing is another service I got before growing madly in love with eyebrow microblading in Singapore. It only involves the application of a thin layer of warm wax and a strip of fabric on the area you wish to remove hair. This treatment is best if you want to flaunt a well-sculpted arch.


Now, if your game is to make your brows look fuller and bushier like Cara Delevingne, book a brow tinting service today! Skip the time-consuming process of filling in your brows daily and store your eyebrow products for a while. This treatment coloured my brow hair to make it look thicker and darker. The best thing I loved about the store I got it from was that they used a vegetable-based dye mixed with 3% peroxide for my arches. No harmful chemicals and all that!


Here comes my favourite and go-to treatment! Like hairline embroidery, eyebrow microblading in Singapore uses semi-permanent makeup to make your arches look filled in and more defined. I always get this because of the hair-like strokes, resulting in a more natural finish. Not only that, but it lasts for 18 months! Since I have thin, patchy brows, the artist recommended this one, as it is especially perfect for anyone with sparse areas on their brows. 

Pro-tip: If you’re planning to get brow embroidery in Singapore (you’re making a good decision!), ensure to pay a quick visit four to six weeks after getting the service for a touch-up.


Brow lamination is somehow similar to eyebrow microblading in Singapore. These two aims to deliver a solution to the sparse areas on your brows. But what I liked more about brow lamination is no chemicals or dyes are necessary and get injected into my skin. It’s a non-invasive service that helps create sleek, straight arches.


Like an eyeliner tattoo in Singapore, brow henna involves tinting and applying a paste-like consistency on the brows. Although this one generally lasted for ten days on my skin and six weeks on the hair.

Is eyebrow microblading in Singaporeworth its price? YES! From bushy to sleek arches, I entrust my brows only with Lebellbrow Studio. Visit their website to book a schedule!