Know Why Versace Watches Are Ideal To Wear With Almost Anything


The iconic Versace watches are designed, produced and assembled in Geneva, Switzerland. Men’s watches have long dominated the business, while women’s watches were plain with discreet designs and vibrant colors for decades. However, as fashion has progressed through the years, the traditional lady’s wristwatch has become a fashion statement and a work of art. The Medusa emblem is one of the key reasons why Versace watches are so popular.

Types of Versace Watches for Women

A total of 72 watches are available on Versace’s website, divided into different collections – Medusa Infinite, Stud Icon, Icon Active, Versace Flair, Versace New Generation, and many more. Each watch is in a league of its own. You can easily discover brilliant timepieces ranging from casual to luxury. Gold luxury watches are studded with jewels and diamonds for those extra-significant events.

This list will explore the different occasions and outfits to pair with the versatile Versace watch collection and suggest elegant timepieces for the event.

On the Day to Wear Formal

Stick to classic timepieces as a general rule for an event that calls for a formal dress code. Traditional women’s watches are versatile and may be dressed up or down for any occasion or outfit. What’s more, is that they are modest. The watch should serve a complementary role in completing the outfit. Versace Watches has got your back here!

When wearing an evening gown, it becomes necessary to wear a thin, simple watch. A decent dress watch requires a simple, thin black or brown leather band and displays only the hours, minutes, seconds, and sometimes the date. If you’re wearing a metallic strap, ensure it complements the metallic accents in your clothing or other accessories. The Versace Greca Chic Watch or the Versace Flair Watch are a great match for any formal occasion that requires subtle sophistication.

For a Minimalist Style

Monochromatic fashion is about wearing the same theme but with varied hues and textures. When done correctly, the style may be everything but monotonous, but the watch, like any other item, must be in sync. The dial should reflect the minimalist appearance, which is highly classy and attractive.

If you’re wearing all white, go with a white dial with a white strap; if you’re sporting all black, go with a dark face watch with a dark strap. You can also break the minimal theme by wearing a watch that goes with the general tone but still adds to the outfit, such as La Medusa Watch or the Versace Flair Watch, which are great minimalist options.

Try a Unisex or Men’s Watch

Women often wear traditional men’s wristwatches for a more powerful, assertive image because of the design norms from the past. A Versace Icon Active Watch is a fiercely masculine watch with a build that can act as a statement on a woman’s wrist. The Versace Medusa Infinite Watch is a fan favourite because of its subtlety and versatility, which can wear practically any occasion.

For a Casual Chic Look

Stainless steel watches are the most adaptable solution for everyday use, whether at work, the gym, brunch or out shopping, like the Versace Hellenyium Lady Watch. Metallics should be coordinated with the accessories. For example, consider wearing a gold strap if your purse has a gold clasp. If metal straps are uncomfortable, you can choose leather or silicon straps. It is also a period when you can be more daring with colours, such as the Versace La Medusa Watch. For a more relaxed look, use multi-coloured straps. It gives the outfit a bohemian edge, and interchangeable straps can be swapped for other suitable choices.

Make a Bold Fashion Statement

For making a fashion statement through your timepiece:

Confine the glittery and vibrant colours to your wrist only.

Keep your focus on your timepiece by toning down the features of your clothing.

Make it the central focus of conversations without drawing too much attention to yourself.

The Versace Medusa Infinite Skeleton Watch is the epitome of a statement wristwatch. The Stud Icon Watch creates a brilliant eye-catching impression.


As a high-end fashion label, it can be easy to look at the Versace watches price to assume that their timepieces would be bold and only suitable for some occasions. It cannot be farther from the truth. The Versace watches offers versatile timepieces made for all occasions and suitable for all outfits.