Read This If You Want to Store Your Sneakers Perfectly


One of the biggest challenges people face after purchasing new pair of Jordan Top 3 OG is the storage. Almost everyone wants their sneakers to last forever, but not many of them know how to store the sneakers properly to make them last forever. 

So, in this blog, we bring you a list of tricks and tips that will help you store and organize the sneakers in perfect condition for years to come. 

1- Keep things organized 

If your goal is to create a sneaker collection, make sure that you keep it organized when it comes to storage. You can either logically arrange your sneakers, color-coordinated manner, or anything you prefer; the proper organization can go a long way. 

With proper organization, you make it ten times easier to search for the required pair of shoes. 

2- Invest in some clear boxes

There is yet another way of storing the shoes correctly – clear boxing them!

Well, we mean investment in some clear shoe boxes. You can easily find a pack of clear boxes online at a minimal price.

Storing sneakers in clear boxes makes it easy to retrieve a pair while creating a nice display piece. 

However, one downside of a transparent box is that it doesn’t block the light, meaning there is a chance of potential yellowing. They can prove a better option if the storage room receives little to no light. 

3- Choose dry and darkroom for storage 

When it comes to storing Jordan Top 3 OGor any other sneakers, for that matter, keep in mind that sneakers don’t react well to light, heat, or moisture. 

Therefore, it is best to choose a dry and darkroom for most of the day. This way, you will make sure your sneakers are safe, increasing their longevity. 

Many enthusiasts design a climate-controlled room for their sneaker collection, taking their love for sneakers to a whole new level.

4- Invest in racks

If you use stacks to store your sneakers, you must know how tough it can be to retrieve the shoes on the bottom.

It is best to invest in racks that look similar to those found in the sneaker store’s backroom. This way, you eliminate the stress of swaying the entire stack while retrieving the bottom pair. 

5- Customize the storage setup
Every sneaker enthusiast is different from others. But the common thing is that every sneaker enthusiast likes to show off their collection. 

If that is the case with you, try making a custom storage unit for your sneakers. For instance, you can make a wooden sneaker shelf with LED light set in every cubby hole to add the touch of uniqueness and aesthetic, of course!

Over to you

These are just a few of the many ways you can store your Jordan Top 3 OG and other pairs of sneakers ideally. 

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