Hidden Tourist Paradise in Likupang


Source: www.indonesia.travel

Likupang is a sub-district in North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, which in 2020 became a hot conversation. Because the government sets Likupang as one of the super-priority destinations. The government will maximize tourism development from various aspects, and this area is also being prepared to become a special economic area (SEZ) tourism. If you have never been to Likupang, you must know that it h of ​​around 200 hectares and a beautiful beach area. It can be reached by two hours of car trips from Manado, and there are many beautiful destinations in Likupang which you must know.

  1. Pulisan beach and Pulisan hills

Pulisan beach has three parts separated by rock cliffs jutting into the sea. These rock cliffs have shaped to resemble a cave near the beach and become a favorite place for tourists who travel. The beach has a stretch of charming white sand, and there is a Pulisan hill which is still one location with Pulisan beach. This hill presents tourism and attractions in spain a large view of the meadow, which combines with a beautiful blue sea. You who like to climb will definitely like this destination. The climb area is still fairly challenging, but after one hour, you are tired, you will be paid with panoramas that cannot be found anywhere.

  1. Paal Beach

In addition to Pulisan beach, there is also a Paal beach that will offer white sand, clear blue water, and green hills surrounding this area. You can enjoy a vacation on Paal Beach by relaxing or riding a speedboat.

  1. Lihaga Island

Lihaga Island is also a destination that is most talked about by tourists. The island with ​​8 hectares is uninhabited, with its soft white sand and clear seawater. The underwater biota is still awake, so you can dive to greet sea animals and enjoy the beauty of charming coral reefs!

  1. Ganges Island

In addition to Lihaga Island, other destinations where you can dive are going home ganga with underwater natural biota that is still awake, and the seawater is clear. In addition, Ganges Island is also a favorite destination to enjoy the sunrise and sink.

  1. Bahoi Village Ecotourism

Wandering to West Likupang, you will find the village of Bahoi, a fishing village with independent ecotourism to maintain the marine ecosystem. There are various coral reefs and fish that you can meet under the sea. The Bahoi Village Ecotourism consists of mangrove forests located by the sea.

  1. Tungan Waterfall

If you want to visit other tours besides the beach, you can see the Tunan waterfall that is a prima donna among tourists. This waterfall has the beauty of the scene that cannot be ignored. The clean water will make you feel the freshness of the water. Tungan waterfall can be said to be a waterfall whose distance is close enough to the city center.

  1. Bangka Island

In the past, Bangka Island was an area used for mining activities, but now his face is getting charming and very beautiful so that it becomes a tourist destination. Bangka Island is a small island in the eastern part of Sulawesi Island. For those who like underwater residents, you must visit this tourist spot, because the underwater is still awake and so beautiful.

  1. Mount Klabat.

This mountain will offer truly extraordinary views. You are having a height of around 2000 Masl, making many climbers want to conquer it. While on the top of Klabat Mountain, you will have the opportunity to see a small lake complete with clear water. Climbing Mountain Klabat will make your vacation feel more full and fun.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.