How do you look for head lice?


Regular checking for lice is a great method to find head lice prior to the period for multiplying, as well as infesting your youngster’s head in Lice Treatment Houston.

  • Seat your kid in a brilliantly lit area.
  • Separate their hair.
  • Try to find creeping lice, and also, nits on your youngster’s scalp one section at a time.
  • Live lice are difficult to find. They stay clear of light and move quickly.
  • Nits will resemble small yellow-brown or white specks, as well as be securely connected to the hair near the scalp. The most convenient place to find them goes to the hairline behind the ears or the rear of the neck. Nits can be confused with lots of other things, such as dirt fragments, dandruff, or hair spray droplets. The method to tell the difference is that nits are securely affixed to hair, while dust, dandruff, or various other particles are not.
  • Utilize a fine-tooth comb, such as a nit or louse comb, to aid you to search the scalp area by area.

What is the comb-out technique for lice?

The comb-out method can be utilised to help check for head lice and nits or to help remove head lice and nits after head lice therapy. However, the comb-out technique normally doesn’t work on its own to remove head lice.

Below is how you are utilising the comb-out technique:

  • Action 1: Wet your kid’s hair.
  • Action 2: Utilize a fine-tooth comb, nit or louse comb, and brush through your kid’s hair in small areas.
  • Action 3: After each comb-through, clean the comb on a damp paper towel. Analyse the comb, scalp, as well as paper towel carefully.
  • Action 4: Repeat actions 2, as well as 3 until you have brushed through all of your child’s hair.

How do you deal with head lice?

Talk to your youngster’s medical professional prior to beginning any type of head lice therapy. The most effective way to treat head lice is with head lice medication. After each treatment, utilizing the comb-out approach every 2-3 days for 2-3 weeks may help remove the nits as well as eggs.

Head lice medicine needs to be used only when it is particular that your child has living head lice. Bear in mind, talk to your kid’s LiceDoctors prior to starting any kind of head lice medicine. Also, when head lice medications are used, it is necessary to use them securely as routed.