Know The Smart Sensors For Daily Life


Smart sensors like the dynamic vision sensor are everywhere. You may not have seen it, but like everyone else, you are also using smart sensors in your daily lives, whether at home, on public transportation, or even in the office.

To give you an example, have you ever wondered how photos captured by smartphones look so sharp these days? That is all thanks to the dynamic vision sensor.

If that is not enough to convince you, read on to discover the types of smart sensors and their applications in everyday life.


The abbreviation RFID system stands for Radio Frequency Identification System. It is often used in logistics to track packages.

But apart from that application, the RFID system is also used by supermarkets on their barcode scanners. With this, they can determine the number of goods they have sold and in stock.


Unlike the RFID system, the ultrasonic sensor works by emitting sound waves. A perfect example of a device that uses this technology is microphones, megaphones, or anything that amplifies that sound. As such, anyone, even from a distance, can hear something.


Photoelectric sensors are another popular and common type of smart sensor. If you love watching TV, you are already using this when you switch TV channels using a TV remote. You should know that photoelectric sensors transmit a light beam that alerts the TV about what it needs to do.


Besides photoelectric sensors, there are also proximity sensors that everyone uses when passing through an automatic door. They open and close automatically due to proximity sensors that detect the presence of people nearby.

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