Reasons Why Everyone Must Follow A Skin Care Routine During Winters


Winter is approaching—no, winter is already here! As the temperature drops, a significant alteration occurs in your skin and body. Our skin tends to shrink, dry up, and begin to break when the temperature drops. We often neglect our body and ourselves in the midst of handling daily tasks, social events, and our personal lives. Taking care of your skin is crucial, and it is much more important in the winter. When winter hits, your skin also needs essential modification, just like your clothes do. To use creams like Ponds Buy now and avoid side effects. The skin is far more sensitive than you probably realize for being the body’s biggest organ.


Dry skin

Any portion of your body can be affected by dry skin, also known as dermatitis, which can cause scaling, itching, and cracking. Your skin often dries out under certain climatic situations, such as freezing temperatures. If you don’t take good care of yourself, factors including age, medical history, weather, and bathing practices increase your likelihood of developing that itchy, dry skin.

Change in the temperature

Call the combination of environmental factors a perfect storm. Cold conditions also mean you’ll spend more time indoors, which isn’t necessarily good for your skin. Outside humidity is also lower in cold weather. However, we are also subjected to forced air or heat, which will also reduce interior humidity and result in dry skin.

You receive less sunshine in the winter due to the natural waxing and waning of the seasons. In addition to being a rich source of vitamin D, sunshine has anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial for some medical disorders.

Chapped lips

This can be the first indication of winter for some people. Your lips are likely to become chapped if you have a tendency for dry skin in the winter. Ideally, applying a lip balm frequently is the best approach to handle this. Lip balms are little and simple to transport wherever you go. Before applying your lipstick, you may also slather your lips in glycerin or a translucent lip balm to help seal in moisture and avoid drying. You can use Ponds’ winter cream for better results.

Dry face

Does your face seem tighter and dryer throughout the winter? You’re not alone, though, since this is one of the most prevalent winter skincare problems. Our water consumption tends to decline throughout the winter months along with the air’s humidity level. These two elements may cause skin to become drier. Therefore, maintaining a healthy level of hydration while using a face cream or Ponds moisturizer that is suitable for winter is essential. Ponds have all these elements.

Dry body

The skin on the rest of your body may become dry, much as the skin on your face. Patches that are dry, flaky, and irritating are how this shows up. Change to a moisturizing product that is suitable for winter and use it twice daily to keep your skin moisturized (in the morning and at night). Lowering the water’s temperature when having a shower is another approach to make sure that your body doesn’t lose moisture. Despite being pleasant, hot water may be very harsh on your skin.


So, you see, these are the reasons to follow a perfect skin care routine during winters. You can now buy products that suit your body. It will help you get  the best results. You can trust Ponds and its products for achieving moisturized skin. But, it is imperative to first test it on your skin and then move ahead. It will help you get the best results without any side effects.