Overcoming Insurance Firm Prejudice Against Bikers


As a result of this bias, motorcyclists often pay higher premiums than other drivers. This is a foundation that has been in place for quite some time and hasn’t been altered significantly. Because they consider motorcycling to be inherently dangerous, they charge motorcyclists inflated premiums.

Worse, it can be difficult for injured motorcyclists to get enough compensation from the insurance company of the party responsible for their accidents.

And what are they supposed to do about it? It’s encouraging to know that bikers have legal protections they can pursue. Hiring a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer soon after an accident occurs is the best way for victims of negligence or recklessness to overcome insurance company bias.

Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are equipped to challenge the insurers’ use of preconceived notions and stereotypes to minimize or reject a client’s injury claim. Additionally, they are well-versed in the insurance regulations of both the state and the federal government that protects injured motorcyclists from being unfairly treated by insurance companies. Call Khan today!

Insurance’s Crucial Role in Everyday Life How to Deal with What Happens After a Motorcycle Accident

After an accident, most bikers will turn to their motorbike insurance to aid with the costs associated with treating their injuries. They have the right to sue the person or entity responsible for the accident and seek financial restitution if the accident was not their fault.

Injuries sustained by motorcyclists in crashes are typically covered by no-fault insurance policies, but the at-fault driver in most cases must still pay for their victims’ losses.

  • Incurring Expenses and Costs in the Medical Field
  • The rest of the accident-related costs
  • Lack of Pay and Revenue
  • Ache and distress
  • Physical loss

As a result, if another driver causes an accident that seriously injures the motorcyclist, that driver may be financially responsible for the cyclist’s medical bills.

However, in motorbike accidents, they are not the only people who could be held responsible.

Is There Prejudice Against Bikers from Insurance Companies?

In general, insurance firms are hesitant to pay out substantial liability claims. Since they want to avoid paying the claim at all costs, they try to find ways to dispute it or reduce its worth. One common way this manifests itself is through the insurance industry’s economic bias and blame culture toward motorcyclists when handling claims involving motorcycle accidents. ​