Quality Air Purifier In Singapore – A Worthy Investment!


It wasn’t too late for me to learn the value of having an air purifier at home. As someone living with my family in a condo unit, we thought the air we breathe was safe. Airborne viruses, pollution and allergens are everywhere, indoors and outdoors. I learned it the hard way when my daughter recently experienced an asthma attack. Before that, I never entertained the idea of buying an air purifier or air cleaner in Singapore. 

The Need For A Quality Air Purifier 

I never thought about ‘air quality’ and all that. To be a responsible parent and ensure a safe and healthy indoor home for my family, I decided to purchase an air purifier for our home. Through my research, I have discovered their usefulness and effectiveness in reducing airborne allergens, from pollen to bacteria. It also eliminates harmful chemicals, which can pose a health risk to our family’s health. Since I also have a pet cat, we suspect that pet danders can affect my daughter’s asthma. Though, we often put distance between them.  

I guess it wasn’t too late for a guy like me to learn better parenting with proper home appliances and gadgets. None of us has experienced any immunocompromising conditions so far, except for a few colds here and there. That is until my daughter was born. The doctor we sometimes talk to opens up the factor that it may be an airborne allergen that is triggering these types of conditions. He also mentioned buying an air purifier or air ionizer in Singapore. But I brush it off, which is stupid looking back now. 

Buying Air Purifier From Neosys Singapore

So I looked through stores and websites to pick our first air purifier. I stumbled upon Neosys Singapore, a store that sells home air purifiers. They also sell a car air purifier in Singapore and office automation equipment. I ordered the Ideal AP40 Pro from their website. So far, the transaction and delivery were silky smooth. I experienced no delays in the delivery, and they shipped the item to my home with proper care. I’ll give a thumbs up with that alone for Neosys Singapore. There was no hassle.

Finally, about the product itself, the air purifier is compact, and it has a powerful HEPA filter. It also has an easy-to-use mobile application. So far, the product was worth every penny. It took me only a few minutes to set up the product, and I instantly got hooked on it! Great item, it’s low-weight, but it does not compromise wherever it sits in my apartment, especially when our pet cat is around. 

What I also love about the product is that it is compact in size, and it made a difference in my child’s condition since she got asthma and allergies. I have zero regrets about paying hundred dollars for a high-performing and solid air purifier for the money. I would definitely recommend getting a quality air purifier in Singapore from Neosys since the product and the shipping experience were positive in my book. The air purifier product and the purchase from Neosys Singapore weredefinitely worth the money and time!