Things to take care before sending it to car service


If you have an issue with your car and want it repaired immediately, it is best not to wait till the last minute. If you are still on the road or far from home, it would be difficult for you to get your car fixed in time. It might even result in an accident if your car breaks down at night time. So always check your vehicle regularly and get it repaired before any major problem arises.

  1. Make sure that the car is in a place where it can be easily accessed by the service center. If you are sending it for servicing, make sure that the place is free from crowd and traffic as well.

  1. Check the phone number of the car service centre and ensure that it is working before sending your car there. It is also important to check if they have any kind of mobile phone facility so that they can contact you if something goes wrong with your vehicle while servicing or after servicing has been completed.

  1. If you are sending your car for servicing and want to know when exactly it will be ready, ask them beforehand when they will be able to complete the process of servicing and give you back your car in a good condition so that you do not have to wait endlessly for them to finish their work.

  1. Do not forget to carry all important documents like insurance papers, registration papers etc., along with you when sending your car for any kind of repair work or maintenance work at a garage or service center because this will help them in providing services efficiently without any hassle on their part as well as yours!

Always keep all the documents related to your vehicle safe at all times. This will help you in case there is any problem with your vehicle while driving or parking it anywhere. Also, there are many cases where people forget about their documents and their vehicles get stolen because of this very reason! So make sure that when you are taking out your vehicle for work, make sure that all these documents are with you at all times!

Check for cracks in the windshield and other glass surfaces. If a crack is large enough to see your reflection in it, then it’s too large to drive safely.

If you’re going on vacation soon and won’t be driving your car for several weeks, put stabilizer into the gas tank so fuel won’t evaporate as quickly.

Check under the hood with all accessories off (radiator fan off). If any smoke comes out when you turn off the ignition key after idling for five minutes or so, there may be something wrong with your engine that needs repair

Check the fuel level and make sure that the tank is not empty. If there is no fuel in the tank, then your car will be stranded at some point during transportation. In this case, you need to fill up your tank with gasoline or diesel before sending it to a repair shop.  Contact us for more information on car service Newcastle Under Lyme.