What Every Parent Should Know About Early Childhood Education


Early childhood education in Singapore can make or break a child’s future. It can shape the future of these kids. The Lion City is renowned for its world-class education system. That gives parents access to a plethora of options to ensure their child receives a strong foundation for lifelong learning. However, navigating the landscape of early childhood education can be overwhelming.

To help you make informed decisions, here are the top ten essential things every parent should know about early childhood education in Singapore.

  1. Quality Preschool Education: Singapore prides itself on its high-quality preschool education. The government places significant emphasis on ensuring that all preschools meet stringent standards in curriculum, teaching methodologies, and teacher qualifications. Look for registered preschools to ensure your child receives a quality education.
  2. Play-Based Learning: Many childcare in Singapore follow a play-based learning approach. They recognise that young children learn best through active engagement and hands-on experiences. Look for schools that provide a balance between structured activities and free play to foster creativity, critical thinking, and social skills development.
  3. Bilingual Education: In Singapore, English and Mandarin are both official languages. Bilingual education is a cornerstone of the curriculum. These two aim to foster language proficiency in both languages. Choose a preschool that offers a well-rounded bilingual program to enhance your child’s communication skills and cultural understanding.
  4. Holistic Development: Early childhood education in Singapore focuses on the holistic development of a child. Look for schools that prioritise not only academic achievement. Instead, go for ones that hone the development of social, emotional, physical, and creative skills. A well-rounded education will nurture your child’s talents and prepare them for future challenges.
  5. Qualified and Experienced Teachers: Teachers play a crucial role in your child’s early education journey. Ensure that the preschool you choose has qualified, experienced educators passionate about early childhood education in Singapore. They should possess the necessary qualifications and undergo continuous professional development to stay abreast of the latest teaching methodologies.
  6. Parental Involvement: Parental involvement is highly encouraged in Singapore’s early childhood education system. Look for schools that foster strong partnerships between parents and teachers. Regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, and involvement in school activities will enable you to stay informed about your child’s progress and actively support their learning at home.
  7. Enrichment Programs: Many childcare preschools in Singapore offer a variety of enrichment programs to enhance your child’s learning experience. These programs may include music, art, sports, and STEM activities. Consider a preschool that provides a well-rounded curriculum. Look for ones with ample opportunities for your child to explore and develop their interests.
  1. Safe and Stimulating Environment: A safe and stimulating environment is crucial for a child’s overall development. When choosing a preschool, ensure the facilities are clean, well-maintained, and child-friendly. Outdoor play areas, libraries, and sensory-rich classrooms contribute to a conducive learning environment that promotes exploration and curiosity.
  2. Financial Assistance: Singapore offers various financial assistance schemes to support families in providing quality early childhood education for their children. Explore government subsidies, such as the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS), to alleviate the financial burden and ensure your child’s access to quality education.
  3. School Readiness Programs: Do you want to ease the transition from preschool to primary school? Did you know that many preschools in Singapore offer school readiness programs? These programs focus on developing essential skills, such as literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional competence, ensuring your child is well-prepared for the next educational phase.

Are you ready to provide your child with a strong foundation for lifelong learning? Explore reputable childcare centres now and make an informed choice for your little one’s future. Visit NTUC’s website and secure their path to success today. Invest in quality early childhood education now more than ever!