Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use An Alcohol-Free Disinfectant


Your health is a top priority, and keeping disinfectants with you is highly advisable, especially since we are still in the grasp of the pandemic. To protect your health and safety and the security of your building, it is crucial to use an alcohol-free hand disinfectant. In other instances, it can be because prior usage of an alcohol-based hand disinfectant caused skin sensitivity.

You must ensure that the alcohol-free disinfectant you will get is under production that upholds a strict ISO guideline. Remember that as much as an alcohol-free disinfectant is a safer alternative to alcohol-based formulations, you must be observant of its contents or if its production follows safe guidelines. 

Nonetheless, another thing you will love most about an alcohol-free disinfectant is its instant germ-killing effectiveness. It is also what you should consider when opting for an air sanitizer

Moreover, one of the main unintended side effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers is that they dry up your hands. Especially after frequent usage, any alcohol-free disinfectant will always have a greater chance of being gentle on your skin.

Learn why you should use an alcohol-free disinfectant.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use An Alcohol-Free Disinfectant

1. It Is Safe For Usage

The non-flammable alcohol-free disinfectant formula stops alcohol intake and toxicity. A disinfection free of alcohol won’t dry out your skin the way alcohol-based sanitisers do, so you don’t have to worry about that too.

Contrarily, alcohol-free hand disinfectant typically includes some oil or aloe gel to assist in maintaining and improving skin condition and, in the case of oil-based sanitisers, even moisturise dry hands.

2. It Emits A Pleasant Or Natural Odour

Unmistakably, alcohol has an awful odour that many people find repulsive. An alcohol-free disinfectant still could employ perfume and other chemical aromas to enhance its scent and make it  more appealing to consumers. 

Still, as people become more aware of the risks, they have started to veer toward more natural ingredients—which is absolutely an excellent option for you! It would be best to ask the manufacturer what the contents of their alcohol-free disinfectant include for more valuable information.

3. It Has A Lingering Impact

There are a plethora of additional advantages to using an alcohol-free disinfectant. Compared to alcohol-free sanitiser products, which leave a residual film on your hands and provide protection against germs and viruses within 60 seconds of contact, alcohol-based sanitisers often only protect your hands for a few minutes.

4. It Offers Resilient Protection

An alcohol-based disinfectant only offers protection while you can still feel it on your skin; you lose the security it provides once it evaporates. The antibacterial oils in an alcohol-free disinfectant, especially those made with essential oils, can penetrate the skin and have a longer-lasting and more profound cleansing impact. Consequently, an alcohol-free disinfectant can shield users from pathogens.

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