Why Does Every Company in Singapore Need a Corporate Secretary?



Singapore is eminent for its flourishing trade environment and its reputation as a worldwide budgetary hub. As such, companies in Singapore are required by law to delegate a Corporate Secretary. Whereas this could appear like an extra authoritative burden, the part of a Corporate Secretary is pivotal for the smooth working and compliance of any company.  

In this article, we will investigate the reasons Why Does Every Company in Singapore Need a Corporate Secretary? and how this part includes esteem and guarantees legitimate and administrative compliance. So, let us jump in!

Reasons behind the popularity of a Corporate Secretary

1. Compliance with the Companies Act: 

The Companies Act in Singapore mandates that each company must appoint a Corporate Secretary within six months of consolidation. The Corporate Secretary guarantees compliance with the legitimate and statutory necessities of company enlistment, yearly filings, and other commitments forced by administrative bodies such as ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).

2. Expertise and Experience:

A qualified Corporate Secretary has the fundamental information and mastery to explore the complex legitimate and administrative scene in Singapore. Their encounter and understanding of corporate administration and compliance help companies avoid potential pitfalls and guarantee adherence to important laws and controls.

3. Authoritative Support: 

The Corporate Secretary plays an imperative part in overseeing authoritative assignments such as drafting and keeping up company records, minutes of gatherings, and resolutions. By taking care of these authoritative obligations, the Corporate Secretary permits commerce proprietors and key faculty to focus on core trade exercises and vital decision-making.

4. Upgrading Corporate Administration: 

Corporate administration alludes to the framework of rules, practices, and forms by which a company is coordinated and controlled. A Corporate Secretary acts as a gatekeeper to guarantee straightforwardness and responsibility inside the company, shielding the interface of partners, counting shareholders, executives, and workers.

5. Board Support and Administration:

The Corporate Secretary helps the board of chiefs by giving direction on corporate administration things and guaranteeing compliance with board methods. They arrange and organize board gatherings, draft motivation, and get ready meeting materials, subsequently encouraging viable decision-making and communication at the board level.

6. Risk Management and Compliance:

Compliance with administrative prerequisites is of most extreme significance in Singapore’s commerce scene. The Corporate Secretary keeps side by side of changes in laws and directions, exhorts the company on compliance things, and helps create arrangements and strategies to moderate dangers related to non-compliance.

7. Proficient Representation:

The Corporate Secretary speaks to the company in official correspondence, public filings, and dealings with administrative specialists. Their proficient nearness and understanding of legitimate prerequisites create a positive picture of the company and its commitment to compliance and polished skills.

8. Business Extension and Corporate Activities: 

A Corporate Secretary plays a significant part in overseeing corporate activities such as mergers, acquisitions, Payroll Management, and capital advertising exercises. They guarantee compliance with pertinent laws and controls amid these exchanges, helping the company extend its trade and ensuring its interface.  


Keep in mind, that a Corporate Secretary is not just a lawful necessity; they are a fundamental accomplice in your company’s victory. So, take the vital steps to designate a Corporate Secretary and appreciate the benefits of a well-governed and compliant commerce in Singapore!