Blue Light Glasses And More: 4 Types Of Lenses To Check


People are now using more devices than before, especially students and working professionals. They spend time on their tablets and laptops to do things they need. But when it comes to gadgets, you can never cross out smartphones on the list. People use it in anything they need, like communicating with their loved ones, taking pictures and videos, or looking for a job. You can also damage your eyes slowly by spending too much time using these devices. Good thing blue light glasses are available in Singapore. But they are not the only ones you will see in an optical shop.


You need to know different types of lenses for your eyeglasses to ensure that you are using the correct one for your eyes. Not knowing them can make you choose an incorrect one that could damage your eyes more. Do not let it happen by knowing what you should buy and choose. Before going to a professional, here are some types of lenses that you can check first and see what will work for you aside from blue light glasses:


You might need a transition lens in Singapore if you always go out of the house to go to school or the office. You will notice it if you go out of your home and the lens turns to a dark one to match the sunlight. However, you need to set your budget because having this could be costly compared to the lens you will have. If you are not into going out, not having this is okay.


If you have myopia or near-sighted vision, a myopia correction lens is what you can use. But before getting this, you must undergo an eye check-up with a professional and learn more about the situation of your eyes. Some people have myopia and hyperopia in their eyes, so you need to see which side needs this lens. It is better to look for an optical shop offering free check-ups to help you save money and focus more on the eyeglasses you purchase.


If you need something that can help you see no matter the distance, a progressive lens in Singapore is what you can check. The magnification on your eyeglasses is increased, helping you see clearly. However, checking your eye situation is necessary before getting this lens.


If you get headaches or feel fatigued because of your eyesight, an anti fatigue lens is what you can check. This lens helps in minimising what you experience, considering these issues could affect your head and overall health. People in their 20s to 40s can have this lens but with check-ups and diagnosis.

These types of lenses are some of what you can check in an optical shop. But before choosing one, do not hesitate to ask the eye professional first and undergo a check-up with them. They will distinguish your eye problem, giving you the correct lenses and eyeglasses. Learn more about blue light glasses and lenses by checking Better Vision’s website.