Comfortable and rugged shoes by Thorogood


Thorogood takes pride in creating standard quality products. Over 125 years of dedicated work, they deliver safety and comfort to their customers. Weinbrenner Shoe Co. Owned by an employee who works in footwear manufacturing and has been in Wisconsin since 1892. Thorogood’s boots are available in many countries, while these are made in the USA and are exported to many countries. There are many advantages and features of Thorogood, which are discussed below.

Know more about Thorogood’s boots:

  • Boots are waterproof, generally come in brown colour with many different sizes.
  • The product size can be selected between 8 to 14 sizes, whereas even the customer can choose between the boot’s medium width or the broad width.
  • Thorogood boots are the most attractive boots with yellow laces and white stitching on the moccasin-style, which looks stunning.
  • The product comes in black, available in different colours while it is waterproof.
  • Better for the toe safety work. Thorogood boots are generally water-resistant and are used at workplaces.
  • The brown colour is prevalent, and most people look attractive when wearing brown boots even though boots come in a different colour, like black, grey, or blue.
  • Available in different countries.

Features that Thorogood’s boots have:

  • The boots work as the ultimate shock absorber.
  • Boots has a comfort cushion insole that feels the most comfortable on the feet.
  • Boots are made-up of a trail crazy house brown leather, which works as a natural brown stain.
  • Easy To wear and carry for the whole day
  • Better to wear at workplaces.
  • Suitable for hard-working people


The Thorogood boots are generally more attractive than any other boots as they work as a shock absorber, are waterproof, and have many other features. The price varies according to the brand’s size, colour, shape, and number of shoes in a series. Thorogood’s are the best quality products that work more reliably for hard-working people. These are made up of natural brown leather. Preferable to use at workplaces. Boots can be worn for camping, mountain ticking, and soldiers also wear boots.