Ways to Save Money on Wedding Catering


If you are looking to save money on wedding catering, there are a number of ways you can do so. It doesn’t have to involve cutting back on quality. The key is to find ways to cut down on the amount of food and the costs of the food itself. This will ensure that you can spend less on other aspects of your wedding without sacrificing the quality of the food.

You can reduce the cost of your catering by choosing a grazing table. These are cheaper than a sit-down dinner, and the food can be served in a variety of different ways. Grazing tables include a selection of finger foods but can also include more hearty dishes.

Another way to save money on wedding catering is to serve fewer guests. By limiting your guest count, you can eliminate some of the staff you need to hire to set up and serve the food. Choosing a smaller venue can help as well. Also, if you choose to have your wedding on a weekday, you will likely get a lower rate from the catering company.

Think About Your Guest List

The cost of your catering will increase as you increase the number of guests. This is because the more people you invite, the more staff you need to hire to prepare and serve the food. Additionally, you will have to account for the people who will get a third of the food.

Another way to save on your catering is to avoid buffets. Having a plated dinner will require more staff to serve the food, as well as to clean up after the meal. Similarly, if you serve fish or meat, you are increasing the expense of your menu.

When deciding what to include in your wedding menu, you should think about what types of foods you like. Ideally, you should pick foods that are in season. In the summer, for example, fresh fruits and vegetables tend to be in season, and they have better flavour. Similarly, you should consider serving organic foods. However, these tend to be more expensive than non-organic foods.

Consider a Food Truck

If you are on a tight budget, you can consider ordering your food from a food truck. This will allow you to serve your guests meals that are prepared in a skillet. There are also options to order dishes from sushi bars. Ask the caterer about current market rates for these dishes.

If you are not able to avoid a plated dinner, try to opt for a theme station. This allows you to impress your guests while cutting down on the cost of your food. A station can include dishes such as Indian chicken tikka served with rice, steak tacos, or even Thai food made to order.

No host wants to feed their guests subpar food. That is why it is important to know how much you can afford. Many couples are willing to shoulder the financial responsibility of a large party, but there are ways to save money on catering matrimono.