What Can You Expect From Your First Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer?


After you have decided to meet with a personal injury lawyer, you should keep in mind that it is your first step towards winning the case. During your first meeting, he will like to listen to what exactly has happened. A Glastonbury personal injury lawyer is someone you need because the claim or the lawsuit can get complicated at any time. You may not be aware of all the personal injury laws. It is important to prepare yourself when you first meet with a lawyer.

Getting ready for the meeting with a lawyer

Usually, a personal injury lawyer offers a free consultation to all his clients. The first meeting may get longer if you have received severe injuries and damages. For instance, the medical malpractice and defective consumer products, the length of the time will be more. In the case of auto accidents, the lawyer needs to understand how the accident occurred and whose mistake it was. Therefore, you should be prepared for spending a few hours in the consultation.

He will encourage you to elaborate on your side of the story and he will just listen to it without making any comments. At this stage, he will come up with questions just to collect the information. He is not going to get you the best solution. The details, he will gather include, the cause of the accident, injuries, medical condition, losses, and something about another party.

What can you expect?

You are likely to provide him with vital information. Some of these key points are elaborated on below:

  • He will ask you about all the insurance products you may have.
  • He will ask you to sign a document or an authorization letter so that he can collect the medical reports from your health care provider.
  • He will ask you if you have discussed all these details with someone else including another party, his attorney and the insurance company. If you have, he may ask you to state what you have mentioned to them.
  • He needs to know about your pain and suffering at that moment 
  • After going through the details, he may decide to take up your case and make you aware of your legal rights and options.
  • He will discuss the payment terms, fees and mode of payment.

It is advised to make the most of this meeting so that you can hire the best lawyer in town.