If You are Accused of Sexually Assaulting Someone: Take These Steps to Defend Yourself


Sexual assault is a serious offense that can have you jailed or paying hefty fines when convicted. If you believe you have been wrongly accused of sexual assault or another sex crime, you should speak up. Never think that the accusation will disappear because you are innocent. If you are facing sexual assault charges, you should read more about your legal defenses and options as well as how to protect your rights. This requires you to work with a skilled defense attorney. Before you think about confronting the person accusing you, read on. Below are steps you can take to provide you with a better chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your case:

Don’t Talk About the Accusation to Anyone

As much as you want to vent out due to the frustration of knowing someone is accusing you of sexually assaulting them, think again. You need to keep these thoughts to yourself. Do not try to make statements that you can share with others. Also, don’t attempt to clear your name by contacting the accuser. Otherwise, you may end up saying something that incriminates you. 

Avoid Speaking with the Police

You should not make statements to the police when they contact you. Tell them you will only talk when there is an attorney present. Always uphold your constitutional right to remain silent. The police can try to get you to say something that they can use against you later. 

Identify Possible Witnesses

Once you learn about the charges against you, start making a list of potential witnesses who can provide you with statements stating your innocence. These witnesses could be those who have seen you talking to the accuser. Check if the accuser had wrongfully accused somebody else before you. Start with possible witnesses who knows you well and can prove you were with them when the alleged assault took place. 

Hire a Skilled Lawyer

After you have a list of possible witnesses, take it to an attorney. Find a dependable attorney who has a good record of defending sexual assault defendants. The right attorney knows the best defense strategy to employ in your situation. 

Taking these steps can increase your chances of defending yourself against the sexual assault charges you are facing. Once you have all the important information related to your case, call an attorney who specializes in this kind of criminal defense and can help you develop a strong case against the person accusing you.