Top Advice on London Escorts


Fucking with London escorts isn’t rocket science, but all tips and advice on this topic are useful. First of all, the most important thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t be shy. The girls you’ll be fucking with love their job and above everything, they’re good at it. Your only job when meeting with a chick is to tell her what turns you on and then enjoy some god-given pleasure. After all, why would you be shy when fucking a smoking hot babe you paid to fuck?

The second thing to remember is to be natural and choose a girl that suits your preferences the best. There isn’t much use in paying for a London escort that doesn’t match your needs and can’t fulfill your desires. They’re all there to fuck, and you only need to choose which babe you’ll spend the night with.

You also need to remember to be open. London escorts won’t judge you for your kinks and fetishes, so be open when it comes to your niche when you and the other party take your clothes off. No matter whether you’re into heavy BDSM, anal, rimming, or anything else of the nastier nature, you should speak your mouth loud and clear. London escorts love guys who know what they want in the bedroom and being open with them will open the doors of heaven to you.

Other than doing the things you like, you should also try to experiment with London escorts that want to try out something new with you. Some babes may specialize in a category you haven’t even heard of, and if that’s the case you should jump the wagon and try it out. At the end of the day ask yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen if you experiment? Not every babe from London does it all, and you’ll surely encounter one at some point.

Just remember, be confident, open, and know what you want. When you’re done enjoying your kinks and fetishes, move on to something new and enjoy London escorts to their fullest.