Top Performing Cryptocurrencies To Invest In


Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming essential to many businesses, opening up previously unexplored investment opportunities. But, given how broad and versatile the crypto market has become, which are the currencies that are actually worth investing in?

Most might immediately answer with Bitcoin, since it is the most recognisable crypto. But the question is far more complicated than that. Yes, Bitcoin is the most well-known, but is it really the smartest investment?


Never heard of MEMAG? You will soon enough. The Meta Masters Guild is finally doing what many crypto enthusiasts have been saying for years. Namely, directly tying a crypto to mobile-based gaming. Gone are the days of having to mine for crypto, because it is now officially possible to earn tangible cash by playing games.

A number of games are set to be tied into the MEMAG architecture, all linked into the system and designed to give crypto based rewards. Gems earned in-game will be directly exchangeable for MEMAG, all coming together to create an ecosystem that might just take crypto to the next level. 

Check out Meta Kart Races, already released, as well as the upcoming Raid NFT. Trading costs for MEMAG are still low, so getting in now might be the perfect investment.

Fight Out

Everyone wants to get fit, but it’s not like anyone is going to pay for you to do exercise, right? Guess again. Fight Out is, although some are still struggling to believe it’s true, a crypto that can be earned by doing exercise. 

The Fight Out Metaverse will be integrated directly into fitness apps, allowing all forms of exercise to earn tokens. From cardio to weight training and everything in between, all of it can now be a means to earn a crypto. Check out a few cryptocurrency guides, weigh up the pros and cos, and decide if this is where your investments should go. It sounds like a pretty good idea.


Another idea that crypto enthusiast have been crying out for, we have an NFT based battle card game. Anyone that watched the popularity of Pokemon can see the potential here, and why this hasn’t been done before is a mystery.

Simply put, Calvaria aims to be an NFT based version of Pokemon. Players explore a vast digital world and earn NFT backed cards, all while going head to head in massive card based battles. There is a lot to love here, and plenty of potential for players to get truly invested. The project has raised $2.7 million in funds so far, and this will almost certainly just be the beginning.


Another great idea, and another concept that was crying out to be realised, we have Tamadoge. Instead of collecting cards players can create and train a virtual pet. Every pet is unique, from its appearance to its abilities. Plus, of course, the creatures can be used to engage in battles.

The idea is once again that currency can be earned and spent while playing, in this case the built-in TAMA coin.